10 New Features/Changes Coming In Karmic You May Not Know About…

Below is a list of 10 features and changes in Ubuntu 9.10 that you may not already know about… Or even be expecting!

  • Ekiga
  • Wine Integration
  • Revamped Migration Assistant
  • A New Look For Network Manager
  • Social Network Integration
  • Computer Janitor
  • UbuntuOne
  • Wubi Migration
  • Empathy Vs. Pidgin. Still
  • XSplash for boot

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5 thoughts on “10 New Features/Changes Coming In Karmic You May Not Know About…

  1. It would have been good of you to provide more details about these.


    admin Reply:


    Check the link we have provided in the article it has complete details


  2. Where is my Ipod touch and Iphone support! it is one of the few things that ubuntu doesn’t support that is keeping windows as a second partition. Also it is very hard to recommend to anyone who has a iphone or ipod touch as they wont have support for their device without also going through the hassle of jail breaking their goods.

    Does anyone know of a team working on this that I can lend my support?


  3. I don’t know about the WINE C:\ Drive in the bookmark folder.
    I’ve been working with Karmic Koala since Alpha 4, and WINE is installed at my computer.
    But so far I haven’t seen any bookmark of the C:\ drive in my places menu.
    I even reinstalled WINE to see if that would help but it still didn’t show up.

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