Ailurus 10.07.6 is released and installation instructions included

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Ailurus is a simple application installer, and GNOME tweaker. Ailurus helps to reduce the difficulty people encounter when they are using Linux. Ailurus also promotes other elegant open-source software which has not entered official repository. With 10 developers (engineers and students), Ailurus is being rapidly developed.

Currently Ailurus 10.07 is released. Comparing to previous version, the following new features are realized:

  • Reduce memory cost.
  • Use a proxy server if "http_proxy" environment variable is set.
  • Support for saving and loading installed software items.
  • Display less indent in "print computer information" dialog.
  • Support for disabling GNOME login sound.
  • Suggest to remove ubuntu-docs package to free 270M disk space.
  • If any software failed in installing, display user-friendly message.
  • If network is down, display user-friendly message.
  • Fix many bugs.

Many elegant open source software are added:

  • Add KDevelop, an IDE similar to Visual Studio.
  • Add Kile, a LaTeX editor.
  • Add LyX, "what you see is what you mean" LaTeX editor.
  • Add Pdftk, a command line tool which can split, merge, encrypt and uncompress PDF files.
  • Add PDFedit, add marks and annotations on PDF files.
  • Add GoldenDict, one of the best dictionary applications.
  • Add Artha, looking up synonyms and antonyms.
  • Add MyTourbook, excellent route planner, and GPS log analyser software.
  • Add RouteConverter, converts between different GPS track formats.
  • Add Backintime, incremental backup tool supporting schedule.
  • Add Geogebra, learning algebra and geometry.
  • Add Celestia, 3D astronomy simulator.
  • Add Kstars, planetarium software.
  • Add Handbrake, video transformer.
  • Add Gajim and PSI, two GTalk clients.
  • Add wxmaxima, a Computer Algebra System.
  • Add scilab, one of several open source alternatives to MATLAB.
  • Add rkward, A graphic user interface to the R programming language.
  • Add qBittorrent, featureful open source equivalent to utorrent.
  • Add DeaDBeeF, ultimate music player.
  • Add Fatrat, a feature rich download manager.
  • Add Mobloquer, protect internet privacy.
  • Add JabRef, bibliography reference manager.

To install Ailurus, please run these commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ailurus
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ailurus

You can also download deb files from

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