Almanah – Application to ease management of a personal diary

Almanah Diary (previously just “Diary”) is a small application to allow you to keep a diary of your life. It has editing abilities, including text formatting and printing. It lists events which happened (on your computer) for each day (such as Evolution tasks and appointments), and allows terms used in diary entries to be “defined” across the set of entries, to allow you to log things which were present over longer periods in more detail.
Install almanah in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install almanah

Using almanah

Open almanah from Applications--->Accessories--->Almanah Diary

Once it opens you should see similar to the following screen here select date and enter your tasks

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3 Responses

  1. isaiah says:

    I’ve been using Almanah for about 6 month now, very simple to the point, and best of all supports multiple keys.
    great post!

  2. tomonomonous says:

    any password or backup support?

  3. sash says:

    does anyone know how to secure it with a password? i’d really appreciate if someone would answer… thanks 🙂

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