Apt-fast and Axel: Faster apt-get Installations and Upgrades

Apt-fast script that combines the power of the axel download manager with the stability of apt-get.
Install axel in ubuntu

First you need to install axel in ubuntu using the following comamnd from your terminal

sudo apt-get install axel

Now you need to download apt-fast script from here.Then, just place the script somewhere (/usr/bin or /usr/sbin is ideal), rename it to apt-fast (without the .sh extension)

sudo mv apt-fast.sh apt-fast

now you need to change the permissions to downloaded script

sudo chmod +x apt-fast

Using apt-fast

Once done, just use it like apt-get. To install a single package, make sure your database is up to date (apt-fast update), and run apt-fast install packagenamehere. Watch it download with incredible speed, and install your requested packages. To upgrade or dist-upgrade, do the same thing. Just use apt-fast dist-upgrade or apt-fast upgrade.

Should your download stall for any number of reasons, you'll need to do an apt-fast clean.

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8 thoughts on “Apt-fast and Axel: Faster apt-get Installations and Upgrades

  1. Wow, ultimately got a method to update the system downloading upgrades in multi-segments

  2. This is missing just one thing; downloading multiple files at the same time! both apt-get and aptitude do this automatically if the files are from two different servers…

    anyway… this can’t be good for the Ubuntu servers (or any other server)

  3. pls, how can i remove this? im getting some errors messages anytime i try to use synaptic, software center or update manager…

  4. @Dare Davids
    Google your errors, I’m 100% sure that they have nothing to do with apt-fast

    Anyway.. to remove this all you need to do is the following:
    sudo find / -name “apt-fast*” -type f -exec rm {} \;

    Do this at your own risk

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