Banshee 2.9.0 released and Ubuntu installation instructions included

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Banshee 2.9.0 is the culmination of twelve months' work by 19 developers, 27 translators and dozens of bug reporters and testers. It is a development release, the first of the 2.9.x releases leading up to our future stable release Banshee 3.0.

New features


This is the first release using the 3.x version of GTK+, thanks to work that has been done in Gtk# to bind this version.
Device synchronization for Symbian

Banshee can now sync media to Symbian devices like Nokia N95. Please help testing this new feature so we can mention more Symbian devices in our release notes for Banshee 3!

Other Enhancements

Add basic AppData file for inclusion in open source app stores
Add keywords to .desktop entry for easy find in Unity & GNOME Shell (bgo#700524)
Main UI: make Search textbox remember its size (bgo#653819)
Lastfm: avoid unnecessary wait when submitting successful scrobbles
DatabaseImportManager: Add .amr to import whitelist
PlayerEngine: Add support for accurate seek
GSettings: implement new, still unused, SchemaExtractor for GSettings
build: use the gui-thread-check profiler module by default when debugging
configure: better guess for the C# compiler available
AppleDeviceSource: use progressUpdaters for all sync operations

Notable Bug Fixes (37 fixed since 2.6.0!)

bgo#709376: SourceManager: avoid warnings when shutting down
ArtworkManager: prevent wrong inclusion of null artwork_id in cache
bgo#686908: libbanshee: Only call volume set callback on Mac
bgo#706173: Feed: Avoid loop when podcast has date values in the future
bgo#700753: PrimarySource: fix crash if 1st track had a Dap transcoding error
bgo#687495: MtpSource: prevent a freeze when dealing with Windows Phone
bgo#696520: Handle all values from a rowid database column as long
bgo#699735: Gio: prevent a freeze when mounting a LVM volume
bgo#692153: InternetRadio: refresh UI after editing station
bgo#679769: StatisticsPage: Fix crash when no tracks are selected
bgo#696700: DapPropertiesDialog: Make sure progress bar value is valid
bgo#696877: PlaylistFileUtil: Only import playlist items that are files
bgo#692374: Avoid race when using GConf and DBus with threads
bgo#696111: ListView: when initializing a11y, disable instead of hanging
bgo#691532: LastFM: display progress for multiple-track scrobbles
bgo#691696: build: Improve MSBuild experience without autotools
bgo#689123: DatabaseTrackInfo: don't default to MusicFilePattern when null
bgo#689018: Audioscrobbler: avoid 414 Request-URI Too Large
bgo#691971: PrimarySource: Allow cancelling track delete job
bgo#665268: InternetRadio: Previous should never mean a restart
bgo#686657: InternetRadio: UI to correctly update status indicator columns
bgo#658142: Dap: better check for the playing track before ejecting
bgo#684089: PrimarySource: prevent AddTrackJob respawn if cancelled
bgo#689016: LastFm: Avoid crashing if scrobbling response is not JSON
bgo#653282: Dap.MassStorage: not import dirs twice for case-insensitive drives
bgo#691694: configure: stop using obsolete AutoMake macro
bnc#798267: build: test dmcs before gmcs when trying to find the compiler
bgo#577225: RescanPipeline: warn about removal of many tracks
bgo#688540: Mtp: Fix file type in sync with libmtp > 1.1.0
bgo#690300: Dap: Settings of DAP sources are not remembered between sessions
bgo#639947: Dap: Use Unicode codes for quotation marks
bgo#686584: build: Make gio-hardware be enabled by default
bgo#686584: build: make GIO backend be enabled by default
bgo#686582: YouTube: advice about --disable-youtube configuration flag
bgo#686671: configure: earlier check for glib
bgo#685920: LastFm: Null check for scrobble parameters
bgo#685131: Add GTK category in .desktop files to comply with spec

Install Banshee 2.9.0 in ubuntu 13.10/13.04/12.10

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:banshee-team/ppa

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install banshee




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5 Responses

  1. Martin Lentink says:

    The ppa does not contain 2.9 yet, 2.6 is the latest.

  2. mapbaker says:

    that didn’t work… tried it on 13.04…

  3. davidbuddy says:

    You can get Banshee 2.9 from the Ubuntu software center if your running Ubuntu 14.04 daily build

  4. Martin Lentink says:

    No, you can’t. It’s still old 2.6.2, only in a 2.9 wrapper. Take a good look at the packagename:

  5. Mike says:

    How can I really update?
    Theres no web page mentioning this “really2.6.2” issue

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