Basenji – A portable volume indexer

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Basenji is a volume indexing tool designed for easy and fast indexing of volume collections. It currently supports indexing of removable media such as CDs and USB sticks and stores them as volume objects in a database. After being stored in this database, volumes can be browsed and searched trough for specific files very quickly.

Basenji has been developed with platform independency in mind right from the start and presently consists of a GTK+ GUI frontend and a reusable library backend (VolumeDB) that implements the actual indexing, searching and database logic.

Basenji Key Features

* Clean, Straightforward GUI

Basenji's GUI is easy to use and only exposes
functionality that really matters.

* Powerful XESAM End User Search Language (superset)

Search files using queries like e.g.:
"holiday and type=image and filesize > 1MB"

* Audio CD Support

Besides indexing of filesystem volumes,
Basenji also supports indexing of audio cds.

* Metadata Extraction

Metadata like image dimensions or MP3 tags
is extracted from files automatically.

* Thumbnail Creation

Miniature pictures of media and document files
(e.g. video, images, PDF) are created if desired.

* Modular, Extensible Software Architecture

Basenji's code base is split up in several modules
(GUI, database API, platform specific code)
and makes extensive use of modern OO concepts,
resulting in increased maintainability/extensibility
and reusable code.

* Crossplatform

Basenji can be compiled on many platforms.
Linux and Windows builds are available already.

Install Basenji in ubuntu 10.04

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pulb/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install basenji


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