Brightness indicator for Ubuntu Unity

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With this indicator you can set your screen brightness in Ubuntu Unity.


Clicking the icon shows you all the possible brightness values.
The current value is indicated with a dot.
Clicking a menu item sets the brightness to the desired value.
Scroll wheel event is enabled on the icon. Scrolling up means lower brightness, scrolling down higher.

Install Brightness indicator on ubuntu

Download deb package from here  and install by double clicking on it.

After installing the package, add the program to your startup programs:

Run System Settings » Startup Applications » ‘Add’

Name: indicator-brightness
Command: /opt/indicator-brightness/
Comment: optional

Click ‘Add’.


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6 Responses

  1. Onesojourner says:

    I just switched to mint. I gave unity 4 months. It feels so good to have gnome back. It’s sad really. I’ve been using ubuntu since 5.10 rc.

  2. Ricardo says:

    A slider would be much better.

  3. Lucas Amaral says:

    Someone please try out this thing, if it works I’m going to format my linux partition again and reinstall Ubuntu 11.04.
    Because of that I had already given up on Ubuntu and them a changed to Kubuntu which has the same problem in my notebook, but at least is more beautiful.

  4. JT says:

    Using 11.10 here. I have an XPS1530 that had been booting and operating perfectly. I istalled this package tonight and it caused my computer to freeze on re-boot (froze after doing the “battery check” for those who are very familiar with the boot process). I had to use the live CD and manually clean up the mess, which took several hours. I do *NOT* recommend this package. It may work for some, but it did NOT work for me. USE WITH CAUTION!

  5. Hairy Ape says:

    Got this instaled but it wont work correctly. I can change the setting, but it doesnt actually change the screen brightness… any ideas?

  6. Kristian says:

    Works fine here,wont autostart though,even if added to autostart.Dont understand why a indicator such as this isnt installed by default or avaliable from software center.These “point and spin” indicators is one of the things that makes a sysyem truly userfriendly!!.

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