ccd2iso – Convert CloneCD disc image (.img) format to standard ISO (.iso)

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If you want to convert .img to .iso file you need to use ccd2iso.This converts CD backup files created using the non-free CloneCD program to a format understood by most Free Software CD writing programs.

ccd2iso  converts  FOO.IMG to ISO format and writes the result to BAR.ISO.If fewer arguments than  expected  are  given,ccd2iso  will print its help  message and quit. If more arguments than expected are given,ccd2iso will silently ignore them and use only the first two arguments.

IMG files are raw-data copies of optical media,generated primarily by the Windows application CloneCD, and are primarily used  to  store  CDs with  odd  properties,such as sectors which need to have read errors when read. Conversion to ISO format removes this  information,as ISO format does not support this.

IMG  files almost always include a SUB file, which contains additional data for the disc format, and a CCD file, which is a plaintext configu-ration file describing the disc layout.ccd2iso does not make use of       these files, but the applications which generate them  expect  them  to have the same FOO prefix as the IMG file.

Install ccd2iso in ubuntu

sudo aptitude install ccd2iso

This will complete the installation.

ccd2iso Syntax

ccd2iso [FOO.IMG] [BAR.ISO]


ccd2iso file.img file1.iso

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3 Responses

  1. venhow says:

    it’s nice tool,but no gui?

  2. Lv5??? says:

    venhow // AcetoneISO2 ^-^?

  3. Tobbe says:


    I always rename img to iso, never had any problems with that (hope my img file is made by CloneCD and nothing else). I don’t see the point on using ccd2iso. If I need any converter I use AcetoneISO2.


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