Chromium is default browser for Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Remix

Chromium will be a default for UNE, and considering the growing number of users using it, a better security model is needed.
Key challenges here include:

1. Figuring out how to get security updates to flow to the desktop in a timely manner
2. Managing window decorations to integrate with the desktop (consider csd in Maverick as well) , see comment #7, needs someone who understands the WM to comment
3. Making the application menu work correctly
4. Handling translations
5. Making it fit on the CD

Work Items:
[chrisccoulson] MIR for chromium: TODO
[chrisccoulson] Establish a security update process/policy which allows us to distribute updates in a timely fashion: TODO
[mpt]figure out how to integrate it with the global menu bar on UNE: TODO
[didrocks]get a better theme for fitting on the ubuntu theme: TODO
update yelp to 3.0 to drop xulrunner dependency
[chrisccoulson] split xulrunner packaging so that we can ship only the parts needed by couchdb on the CD
[chrisccoulson] update couchdb dependencies to drop xulrunner from the CD
[chrisccoulson] Establish a way of handling translations in launchpad and getting them in to the langpacks

seb128, 2010-05-27: should we have work items about the technical tasks for dx changes? We also said we would revisit the decision during the cycle to know if we stick on it, that should be documented

Check this Blueprint

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12 Responses

  1. Orlsend says:

    I am glad I dropped UNR and UNE. lack of proper drivers and current set of choices just makes me sad. I would Understand They gone Midori, but Chromium? I mean c’mon! Even their one Google services don’t properly with their own browser. If we are going that Unstable we might as well use Fennec from Mozilla since it was created for Mobile devices. Just try Eeebuntu and UNE, and you will see why Eeebuntu 4.0 is the Source Forge award winning distro.

  2. tkeith says:

    Great news. Firefox is too slow and it’s menu is far too space consuming for NBR. Now if they could just push the tabs up into the titlebar/panel we could have even more room. 10.04 NBR was an improvement over 9.10 which lost some of the brilliance of 9.04 NBR. Sounds like 10.10 should be better yet.

  3. Finally a relaease smart enough to (maybe) ditch the slow nloated browser for something acrtually good.
    So far the onkly thing I’ve heard keeping the ignorant on Mozilla’s garbage is some plugin or two. Its pathetic. Look at the startup time and RAM usage of chromium. Here it also makes youtube use a whole 20% less CPU which can only be a good thing.
    This whole thing stinks of the users who jumped from IE to Firefox when the security flaws in IE6 were not being addressed and people wanted an alternative. People will learn and laugh at the days they used Firefox with a facepalm and a “what was I thinking back then”
    I fully intent to never use Firefox again. Browsing on it is like running though mud and starting it from cold takes an age. Yeah it’s so “amazing”. Give me strength.

  4. If you must use firefox on a netbook, use tinymenu and liuifox theme. You can then customise the browser and drage all the usefull items to a single row of buttons the liuifox them is super thin too so will give more real estate for browsing.

  5. Zac says:

    Yes good move here. I running Chrome on my Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook and it is fast and screen efficient and integrates nicely; Firefox is slower to load, shutdown and surf and not screen efficient. Firefox should of ditched that menu/edit bar lob ago. It takes a whole line for something that is hardly used. Google is very agile, and it’s about Firefox needs to be quick at making decisions. It may rub people up the wrong but when other companies are moving Firefox cannot sit there afraid of being criticised.

    Also use Chrome stable on my main PC which has Ubuntu 8.04. For a 4yr old bottom of the line Dell is one fast browsing machine, as fast as a brand new PC, but only with Chrome, with Firefox it is much slower.

    However, I like the bookmark organisation of Fireofx better.

  6. Zac says:

    My opinion of Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook edition is that is excellent, I am very happy with it. My Dell Latitude 2100 came with Ubuntu 9.04 installed, and Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook installed without one single hassle, everything, yes absolutely everything, worked out of the box superbly. The interface is fantastic for a small screen and use the netbook more as a result. Looking forward to Ubuntu 10.10.

  7. Basil says:

    I own a older Dell 910 and I installed UBI 10.04 what were they thinking, total crap. I also dropped it for a i386 version runs great and good, why even bother. Defaulting Chrome I see why, but how can you get the main panel, I can’t see the Menu panel Why? I checked the setting no box to check, its still needed if I am wrong show me. Please I am a diahardt Firefox user, lets give people choices. Firefox is a part of Linux, it helped Linux get online without it who knows, Chrome is not ready yet.

  8. Basil,
    Firefox IS available in the standard repos. Firefox is not a part of Linux. Linux is the kernel ONLY. The thing around it is the distribution. If you don’t like Chrome then that’s fine, just uninstall it and install Firefox. It’s really that simple. I despise Firefox and remove it and install Chromium daily. Also not hard. Default apps are not better than non-standard apps, nor are they set in stone an irremovable. People DO have choice, they just need to use software centre to realise them…

  9. Basil says:

    I do understand that da, Firefox was THE only good browser for Linux when UBUNTU wasn’t even a idea. Chromium is good if you have no programing background but I can customize Firefox, Chromium is not as easy. Same reason I will have both browsers for the same reason I dual boot on a few of my systems it works for me. My comment stands. We are all differant.Canonical should give the option. I do agree Chromium is faster or streamlined and for some ‘Microsoft users’ need this Linux was never meant to be easy, but fun. I guess going backward is good for some. For me I want to be able to customize ‘about:config’ as much as I want, but I am just learning and comparing. Either way I will have both,

  10. You can customize Chromium very much it has a wide range of plugins and extensions. You dont need a “programming backgroud” for firefox either. It works like any other browser. There are many great browser for Linux Opera has been around for ages (longer than firefox (opera starting in 1996 and firefox starting in 2006)) and has ran on a vast array of platforms. Karmic and Lucid came with Firefox as default and gives users (as you see it) “no choice” when the situation is exacly the same but the applications are switched around. SO I am confused where your “Give people choice” angle comes from.

  11. chromestory says:

    way to go chrome !!

  12. meF says:

    So I’ve just installed unr 10.10 and it shipped with FF. so this was incorrect.

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