Creating a VPN in Minutes Using Remobo

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Remobo is a free software which can be used to replace the paid versions of existing difficult to use VPN setups as it can create a VPN instantly and securely. It lets you login easily and add users to your buddy list, and create a secure network for you. In private chat messaging, the file sharing client helps share information within the buddy list as well. Remobo lets you control your computer and access files securely while away from the system.
It also creates a direct, peer-to-peer connection between your computers to attain maximum speed. We can share files amongst computers, friends, and family in a private and encrypted format using BitTorrent and run games apart from running business apps such as video conferencing, streaming media, secure instant messaging etc. Almost any 3rd party application can be run on top of Remobo using the VPN setup.

Procedure to follow

Step 1. Download and Install

Install Remobo in ubuntu

First you need to download .deb packages from here once you have .deb packages install by double clicking on it or by running the following command from your terminal

sudo dpkg -i remobo_0.30.2_i386.deb

Step 2. Start It Up

Launch Remobo if this is your first time using it, then you will need to create a new account. If not, you can skip the next step and simply login.

Step 3. Create a New Account

Create a new Remobo account by following the setup procedure. You will basically need to choose a username and password that will be used to login and start Remobo. We also ask for an e-mail address so you can recover your password in case you lose it. It will not be used for spam or shared with others without your consent.

Step 4. Login and Connect

Once you have an account, just login by entering your username, password, and also a descriptive name for the computer you are logging in from. For example, "mylaptop", "HomePC", and "WorkComputer" would all be good choices. This will help your buddies see what computer you are using and also help you pick which computer to connect to if you are logged in on several different machines.

After logging in, you will be ready to start using Remobo to connect to other computers!

Remember, you can also login with one account on many different computers simultaneously to create an instant private network between all your computers.

Using Remobo

Adding a New Buddy

You can add new buddies by clicking on the "settings" button on the main window. Then click the "Add a Buddy" menu item. Enter your buddy's username in the window that pops up and click "OK". If all goes well, your buddy will receive a new request which they can accept or deny. Once accepted, you will be able to connect directly to this buddy when they are logged in.

Understanding the Buddy List

Your buddy list contains a complete list of all your buddies. When offline, they will show up in a grey color and you will not be able to connect to them. When online, a green dot will appear next to the buddy and they will no longer be greyed out.

You will also see one or more entries appear under the buddy's name. Each of these entries corresponds to a computer where the buddy is logged in. In general, they should have descriptive names like "MyHomePC", "laptop", "officeComputer", etc. This way, you can decide exactly which of their computers you would like to connect to.

Also note that the last entry in your buddy list is always yourself. So, if you are logged in at more than one computer, you will see the list of these computers appear under your username. You can easily connect to any of these computers as well.

Connecting to a Buddy

Once you have a buddy added to your list, you can connect to any of them by clicking on the computer name under their username. You can also click on any computer name listed under your own username if you are logged in at more than once machine. A pop-up menu will appear giving you several choices of what you would like to do. For example, you can choose to send a file to another computer, browse through any files your buddy has shared with you, remotely control that computer (if you know the password), start a video conference, and lots more!

Advanced Connections

The real benefit of Remobo is the fact that you can use it to run any application between your computers or buddies as if you were on the same LAN. If you are familiar with VPN (virtual private network) technology, Remobo is a great alternative for those looking for easy setup, no maintenance or configuration, and its very secure!

For example, if you like to play games, you can play with your buddy as if you were on the same LAN... or if you prefer using Windows Remote Desktop instead of the bundled VNC, you can do that too! Other uses include, running video conferencing software, creating an instant VPN, streaming media between computers, and much more.

The key is in the virtual IP address that is assigned to each Remobo client. To find the virtual IP address of any computer in your list, just mouse-over that computer and it will appear. You can then write it down or better yet, right-click that same computer and choose "Copy IP Address". This will copy that computer's virtual IP address and you can paste it into any application you want to use.

Don't want to deal with ip addresses? You can also address any of the buddies and computers in your list using the following domain names:


Of course, you should leave out the < and >. The second version is only needed if the user you want to connect to is logged in at multiple different computers. This way, you can specify exactly which computer to connect to. Each of these domain names will resolve directly to that machine's Remobo virtual IP address.


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11 Responses

  1. Joe of Loath says:

    Just tested this, bloody awesome. The real test, however, is if it works through a corporate firewall.

  2. hypatia says:

    I’m confused. Do “buddies” have anything to do with “VPNs”? Are we talking about a Virtual Private Network here or some kind of chat program?

  3. slimer says:

    Remobo creates an Instant Private Network ™ (IPN) between users.

    It’s like a computer network for your social network…

  4. doom says:

    When users log in the remobo what info will send the company?

    What if they take advantage of your info?

  5. Mark says:

    Uh – I must be doing something wrong. I can’t find the link for the source code download.

  6. admin says:


    You need to click on “Show All Operating Systems and Download Options” so that you can download .deb package is this the one you are looking or source code for server and client

  7. Pat Goup says:

    This sounds a lot like hamachi, now owned by

  8. Mark says:

    Hmm – no – I don’t think so. The options on the download page only show 32bit and 64bit binaries. I would be expecting to see a link for a src.tar.gz. You don’t get 64bit source code. I would never run a vpn on my machine unless I had access to the source code – you never know who might be peeking in on your little network.

  9. Sum Yung Gai says:

    +1 to what Mark said. I’ll stick with OpenVPN, thanks.

  10. Meg says:

    Agreed… I much prefer an OpenVPN and I do not mind paying something for security. Now these companies that want to charge you $25 and more for one month are being a little greedy if you ask me. Anyone have an experience using a server that claimed to offer you protective software with an OpenVPN and actually only gave you OpenVPN? Which is free and can be downloaded on the web! I hear a lot about these types of scams from my research.

    I just finished a free trial from and am thinking about sticking with them. I found them rated #1 on … any suggestions of other VPN provider review sites?

    From what I have come across they are pretty hacker-proof and for all of us paying to protect our identity that is what we are shooting for.

  11. tpro says:

    It says, login timeout, anyone encountered the same problem?

    please help!

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