Crypt Manager – An encrypted folder manager for Ubuntu Linux

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Crypt manager is a compilation of tools which allow to easily encrypt, open, close and uncrypt folders in a Desktop environment. It is wrote in Python, it uses cryptsetup and LUKS as backend.

Crypt Manager is composed of three parts:

A python module called
A command line tool called crypt-manager
A GTK interface called gcrypt-manager
An extension to the GNOME file manager Nautilus

Install Crypt Manager in Ubuntu

sudo addgroup your-login fuse

sudo apt-get install encfs python2.4-dev python-nautilus subversion

svn checkout crypt-manager

cd crypt-manager

sudo ./

This will complete the installation part now if you want to open Crypt Manager go to System -> Administration -> Encrypted folders or you can type the command in the terminal "gcrypt-amanger"

Once it open you should see the following screen.If you want to encrypt the folder click on Encrypt.

Once it open the encyptwindow you should see similar to the following screen here you need to select the folder and enter the password for this and click on apply

Now you can see the encryption is in progress bar as follows

If you want to decrypt select folder and click on decrypt.

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12 Responses

  1. kaiwan says:

    I get an error:
    sudo: ./ command not found
    There is no in crypt-manager folder

  2. philfarr says:

    Got the same error.

    Anyone got a cure???

  3. Biggy says:

    hhow to uninstall “Crypt manager” ?????

  4. Paul T says:

    I aslo get the same error:
    sudo: ./ command not found
    There is no in crypt-manager folder

  5. M Mafrica says:

    Here’s how I managed to get it working:

    1. type “sudo ./” after checking it out from google
    2. cd into “conceal-0.0.5/conceal-gtk” you’ll find a python script. “”
    3. type “sudo python install” in the conceal-gtk dir

    You’ll then hopefully find it working.

  6. M Mafrica says:

    It’s been running on a 13 MB file now for like two hours. I can’t lose this data, but im afraid it might be caught in a loop. I’m afraid to cancel it though, because it might screw it up.

  7. bangor says:

    I have install successfully ,but it can not work ,when it starting then shutdown suddenly.Would you help me ?MY OS is ubuntu 7.10

  8. mzh says:

    I have the same problem with F8

  9. Daniel says:

    To all guys that were stuck at “sudo ./”
    i will teach you what to do:


    cd crypt-manager
    sudo ./
    cd conceal-0.0.5/conceal-gtk
    sudo python install

    And it’s done.
    Now go to System>Administration and you will see an icon saying encrypted directories.

    I’m not the admin i think this guy that wrote this is a mother fucker that don’t even test things before posting…

    Keep using ubuntu.

  10. Agnes says:

    No you have to install conceal before installing conceal-gtk.
    First cd to crypt-manager dir and type
    sudo ./

    Then cd to /conceal-0.0.5/conceal and type
    sudo python install

    And then cd to /conceal-0.0.5/conceal-gtk and type
    sudo python install.

  11. rohit says:


    awesome dude…
    thanx alot…

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