Deconstructing Nautilus and rebuilding it better (Nautilus + Zeitgeist)

If you’re an avid user of the GNOME Desktop Environment and follow the development of it, you may well be aware of one of the hot topics currently doing the rounds on the internet, and that is: The User Interface Of The Nautilus File Manager And Why Is It So Awful?
There may well be some of you out there who are currently thinking, “It’s not that bad…” to which my response is: in terms of user interface, there are much better file managers available for GNOME than GNOME’s default file manager (two, off the top of my head: Thunar, default for the Xfce Desktop Environment and PCMan File Manager, or PCManFM). Plus, if you’ve ever used a Mac with OS X, then what you’ll be looking at there is the King Of The File Managers.

Better Nautilus

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19 thoughts on “Deconstructing Nautilus and rebuilding it better (Nautilus + Zeitgeist)

  1. Well, lol! That’s not “Better Nautilus”, that’s the theme for OS X’s file manager. There seems to be a thin line between imitation and innovation 😉

  2. @vajorie Yup, that’s very much imitation. But then again nothing wrong with that. 🙂

    I don’t know why people would complain about Nautilus. It’s limited, but it’s not poor. In fact, the only thing I’m missing is better searching and selecting files based on regular expressions. At the moment I just use `find’ on the command line to find files, and operate on files based on regular expressions using the command line as well.

  3. total comander for linux – krusader (on kde) there is also for gnome but i dont remember his name, nautilus can do what you want – can do more than total commander for sure.

  4. >> can do more than total commander for sure.
    It’s really cool 🙂
    But only, that i need, – twine panel with list of folders/files, that allows me to quickly copy/move files and explore on file system.
    I didn’t found this features in nautilus.

  5. The biggest problem with nautilus and all of the managers I’ve tried is they lack a function Windows had, i.e., I cannot hover the cursor over a folder or file and have a tiny info box tell me how big the file or folder is.

  6. you can use kde instead of gnome – or you can use dolphin (kde file manager) in gnome – which has this functionality and support for a lot of internet protocols and dual view – similar to total commander view, it`s higly customizable and have a lot of features. Just try, if you have other question, i can help you with this, because every file manager in linux can – at least – 90% of what total commander can 🙂 cool, ha!? 🙂

  7. Hey Victor, selecting files based on regexes (well not directly regexes but wildcards) is already implemented. You can access it either by “Edit->Select Items Matching…” or through Ctrl+S.

  8. divide_by_zero,

    Yeah that feature works so-so and has for quite some time, but was never enough for me. I want the full-blast regex selection. 🙂

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