Easy way of Mount/Unmount .iso Images in Ubuntu

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Gmount-iso is a small tool written using PyGTK and Glade. It allows you to easily mount your cd images. This is a frontend to the ‘mount -o loop -t iso9660 foo.iso /mountpoint' command.

Install gmountiso in Ubuntu

sudo aptitude install gmountiso

This will complete the installation.

Using gmountiso

If you want to open go to Applications--->System Tools--->Gmount-iso

Once it opens you should see the following screen here you can specify your .iso file and mount point where you want to mount.

Example for gmountiso

I am having dsl-4.0.iso image on my desktop and i want to mount this under dsl directory so i have menctioned all the details and click on mount

This will prompt for root password enter your root password and click on ok

Once it finished mounting you can see these details under mounted images

You can see the files and folders inside dsl directory

If you want to unmount just select the your mount point and click on Unmount

This is very simple and easy process.

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22 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    You can also open iso file directly in file-rolller AKA archive manager

  2. xiao_haozi says:

    You could also mount the iso file manually, for example if you want to install software via wine. I like to do the following:
    mkdir -p /path/tomount/point && sudo mount -t loop /isofile.iso /path/tomount/point
    I like this method as it just tends to be a lot faster for me than a gui program and uses tools that are already built into the system rather than adding additional programs as frontends.

    If you are lets saying viewing a movie that you have created and made into an iso disc image, programs like VLC (and im pretty sure mplayer) will read these directly and require no such user manipulation.

  3. Hawk says:

    Can’t mount an ISO located on a Windows share.

  4. carles says:

    @2 : that option is OK if you know the commands and options by heart and have the console open at all times. The program is more for the kind of people that just wants to use a CD image rather than an experienced sysadmin.

  5. Tal says:

    works great!!!
    ubuntu 8.1

  6. vibinlakshman says:

    hello dudes, is this mounting application used to upgrade my ubuntu, from 7.10 to 8.04.. ? please help me to do this , whenever i mount, i cudnt understand what output should i get.. Appreciate help

  7. jonasino says:

    thanx, great for a newbie like me

  8. a.d says:

    when i try and do this I get the following error An error occured wrong fs typ, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0 missing codepage or helper program, or other error in some cases usefull info is found in syslog -try dmesg|tail or so

    please help, (btw I cant reinstall caus emy cd drive is broken)

  9. Lior says:

    Nice tool. Doesn’t work over SMB (when the iso is on a windows share) so I had to copy the iso to the linux box and then mount it.

  10. Hund says:

    Program works great
    Thanks a lot

  11. GREAT!!!! says:

    I love gmountiso. This will be a permanent fixture in my software toolbox.

  12. Tyler says:

    Alright, I have ubuntu 9.04. I downloaded a pc game off of a torrent, It came as 2 .iso’s. I want to be able to play it without having to burn it to a cd. How do I (unmount?)it. I tried to use the gmount but it gave me an error message. I will post it when I get home. Any help, or other ideas? Like I said, I dont want to burn a CD, or buy a program….must be free. Thanks guys. +1

  13. Tyler says:

    Im getting the same error as “a.d says”.

    Can anyone help?

  14. Tyler says:

    An error occured
    wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0, missing codepage or helper program, or other error
    In some cases useful info is found in syslog – try
    dmesg | tail or so

  15. Roldy says:

    Hi all, i have same problem as Tyler and a.d. Please help 🙂

  16. PeterPC says:

    Gmount-iso seems to do the job – if one does not like commandline too much…

  17. Vizitor says:

    Nice tool; however, place (folder) with mounted image has a ROOT properties. Will be very useful if it be possible to have user properties. (At least I don’t know how to change that)

  18. Karloscopy says:

    gmountiso works great for mounting iso images, however, after mounting I try to execute a file on the mounted iso and all files are ‘read only’ and owned by root. I end up with the same problem if using the commandline. This is incredibly frustrating as I would like to install some software with wine but it’s not working.

    I have also tried:
    sudo -R chmod +x /media/isoimage/

    this seems to be ineffectual as I am told it is a read only file system.

  19. Andrew P. says:

    Your NOT SUPPOSED to have write privileges to an ISO image. Treat it as a CD-ROM, which stands for Read-Only Memory, with the convenience of being able to access it from your hard drive at hard drive speeds.

  20. roberto says:

    When I select the mount point folder, it says that the folder has an error that is just read-only, what should I do?

  21. KingOfAllThieves says:

    ok so i am new to ubuntu, and i am haveing a problem with mounting am .iso. i have installed this Gmount and have encountered the following errors. Error (1) “An error occured
    /root/Desktop/Untitled Folder seems to be mounted read-only. when i go to properties to change it to read and write and hit close it resets to read only and does not change at all. Error (2) “The folder /root/Desktop/Root Mount is not empty” this message pops up after the iso is mounted but as READ ONLY and i try to remount the .iso.

    It would seem that i have to change the properties of the mount point in this case a new folder on my desktop, but i can only change the properties when there are files in the folder. Otherwise when i go to properties to change it to read and write and hit close it resets to read only and does not change at all.

    How can i mount an .iso when i encounter these errors

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