Eina Media Player 0.14.0 released and PPA installation instructions included

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Current music players are focused on managing your music collection, while using mandatory criteria about how they organize it.Eina does not care about it at all. If your are an organized person, chances are your music collection is organized too, and you won't like to spend your time rearranging it to follow your player's specific rules. In addition, having those players to arrange music that's randomly stored, named or tagged, is usually counterproductive.
Get all functionality

Eina works like a common portable music player. Just plays what you want to listen.

Apart from simplicity, today users expect more from a player than just reading files. Artwork, lyrics, network support, artist data and other music information find their right place in Eina.

Plugins can take care of all the extra functionality, since Eina exposes everything from its internals. It's fairly easy to extend the player capabilities and change the way it works inside. Feel free to request new features and make things the way you like.

What is new in 0.14.0

* Support for gtk-3.2 with -DDISABLE_DEPRECATED
* Better HIG compilance for dialogs and modal windows
* Art metadata is now handled in liblomo
More sophisticated interfaces on top of liblomo
* liblomo depends on libgel
* Playlist has built-in search (try control+f)
* Dark theme used by default
* Update translations
* More documentation and gobject-introspection coverage
* New APIs for EinaPlaylist

Install Eina Media Player 0.14.0 in ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:eina/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install eina-player


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