FireSSH – SSH in a Browser (Firefox addon)

FireSSH is a free, cross-platform SSH terminal client for Mozilla Firefox. Written entirely in Javascript!

Install Firessh

You can install Firessh from here

After installing the FireSSH addon you simply use the ssh: protocol to connect to a remote machine. For example if you want to connect to using the user "username" you would type in or bookmark ssh://username@ It then prompts you for the password.



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10 thoughts on “FireSSH – SSH in a Browser (Firefox addon)

  1. Maybe it’s my lack of imagination, but how does this differ from ssh in a terminal, except that it requires you to open your browser?

  2. You can use ssh on anything that can run Firefox 4 without having a terminal or separate ssh app(this is mainly applicable to locked down Ubuntu desktops or non-linux platforms).

  3. It may allow you to tunnel through proxies too, but I’ll have to check first.

  4. Alternatively, instead of using the address bar and typing ssh://addressOfSSHServer you can go to Tools->FireSSH in Firefox to access other options to send to the server. (like SSH keys and such)


  5. Can I tunnel Http using this tool?

    Currently I have to fire up an ssh session in a terminal and port forward local ports to get to my work intranet – will this short circuit that?


  6. Joe

    Cheers for that. Hmm any way I can set up FF such that I can send a specific bookmark down an ssh tunnel ‘interactively’ i.e. without having to set up the tunnel first?

  7. Firefox 4.0.1/FireSSH 0.87

    Tools>FireSSH>Connect using key connects and logs in, displays correct unix prompt, and commands work correctly.

    But ssh://user@host in address bar connects and logs in, displays correct unix prompt but command line entry is not echoed and ssh session is unresponsive.

    I’m really interested in address bar invocation – anyone have more info on this? For example – how to turn on debug using address bar invocation?


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