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  1. Ray says:

    Does using Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get to the terminal from the login screen work? From there you could issue the necessary commands without having to ssh into your own box.

  2. ruchi says:

    Thanks for your comment and that is much easier

  3. Peter says:

    I had the same problem and found a thread elsewhere that solved the problem in a different way.

    As above, at the login screen use Cntrl+Alt+F1 to open a terminal window and login at the command line instead

    by default you should be in your home directory,
    use the command ‘pwd’ to show what directory you are in, in my case…

    if you are not in your home directory change to it using
    cd /home/’username’

    here you need to remove two files (note the ‘.’ prefix on both) .Xauthority and .ICEauthority

    to show the files type the commands
    ls .Xauthority -hal
    ls .ICEauthority -hal

    Assuming they are there the command to remove them is…
    rm .Xauthority .ICEauthority

    then reboot the machine using
    sudo shutdown -r now

    After reboot I was able to login as normal

  4. kanapathi says:


    i m facing the issue while login .i can able to login in single user mode bt GUI i couldn’t.

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