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A new Python IDE intended for beginners. It is fast, light weight with common features and many others in coming. It's focus is simplicity and ease of use.


* Pyton indentation
* Line Numbers
* Code folding
* Syntax Highlight
* Shell Emulator
* Code Completion (ALPHA)
* Program runner
* Source Browser
* Indentation guides
* White space indicator
* Autosaving
* Edge Line
* Multitabing
* Printer
* Jump to line
* Word search
* Word replace
* Zooming
* Undo/Redo
* code submit
* Python syntax checking (beta)
* Mass line indentation
* Mass line dedentation
* Autocompletiton
* Bad Brace Check
* Spell Checking
* Tree File Browser

Install gerit in ubuntu

Download deb package from here once you have deb package you can install by double clicking on it.


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9 Comments to “gEcrit – A new Python IDE intended for beginners”

  1. Mike Redman says:

    Failed to install in Ubuntu 10.10….dunno why.


  2. Mike Redman says:

    CORRECTION – did install:

    Thinking I should try the Synaptic Package Manager rather than (what I thought) the failed attempt of installing the .deb file with the Ubuntu Software Centre, I found the package was listed as installed by Synaptic.

    Then fruitlessly searched the Applications, Places & System menus for a start icon.

    Finally started it with “Run Application..) – ALT F2, that is.


  3. Gilbert Dion says:

    It Won’t install on a 64bit system.


  4. Ghost says:

    Can’t be installed properly. Can’t find program.


  5. Ghost says:

    Installed now. like Mike said – ALT+F2 -> gecrit (case sensitive)


  6. cYbercOsmOnauT says:

    Gilbert do the following:
    sudo apt-get install python-enchant
    sudo dpkg -i –force-architecture gecrit_1.8.2.5.deb

    To everyone else: Use the menu editor and put it manually into your Software Development menu. :)


  7. cgroza says:

    Hello, I am the gecrit’s developer. I was surprised when I found my software here. Sorry for the hard installation progress, I will add an icon soon enough, maybe this week.


  8. cgroza says:

    The deb adds a launcher in the menu now.


  9. cmcanulty says:

    won’t install in my Ubuntu 10.10


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