glChess now supports themes in SVG Drawings

This patch which allows switching between different sets of pieces in 2D mode. The pieces themselves are stored as SVG drawings.There are two sets currently available: "simple" (essentially the same ChessSophia font, but with contours slightly cleaned up) and "fancy" (this is my original work based on chess diagrams from old books).

Note:- this patch might break your system (Only for advanced users)

Download this patch from here

To install the patch, do the following:

1. Apply the attached patch, placing it into your gnome-games directory.

2. Unpack the archive into gnome-games/glchess/ . This will create a subdir called pieces/ .

3. In glchess/src/lib/scene/cairo delete the files and COPYING.2D (no longer needed).

The patch probably needs some polishing (in particular error handling may be improved), but at least it works and I hope the board with new ‘fancy' pieces looks much better than the current design. Note that the new drawings have a white background, so it is now possible to use darker colors for black cells.

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