Glogg – The fast and smart log explorer

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glogg is a multi-platform GUI application to browse and search through long or complex log files. It is designed with programmers and system administrators in mind. glogg can be seen as a graphical, interactive combination of grep and less.

Main features

Runs on Unix-like systems, Windows and Mac thanks to Qt
Provides a second window showing the result of the current search
Supports grep/egrep like regular expressions
Colorizes the log and the search results
Displays a context view of where in the log the lines of interest are
Is fast and reads the file directly from disk, without loading it into memory
Follows a log that is written to disk in real time
Allow to insert marks in the logs to interesting lines
Supports vim/less like keyboard commands to move around the file
Is open source, released under the GPL

Install glogg in ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install glogg





glogg can be started from the command line, optionally passing the file to open as an argument, or via the desktop environment’s menu or file association. If no file name is passed, glogg will initially open the last used file.

The main window is divided in three parts : the top displays the log file. The bottom part, called the “filtered view”, shows the results of the search. The line separating the two contains the regular expression used as a filter.

Entering a new regular expression, or a simple search term, will update the bottom view, displaying the results of the search. The lines matching the search criteria are listed in order in the results, and are marked with a red circle in both windows

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