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Allow you to manage your google account by using the google tools in cli with a GUI.
You can add this script to nautilus, just put it in your nautilus script path and don\'t forget to do chmod +c /path/to/the/script !

* Requires: zenity, googlecl, gdata-python-client (aka python-gdata) >= 1.3.0 (1.2.4 may work but some functions are not supported, see google documentation.)

To start the script must have installed GoogleCl here, then we start the terminal and write

wget http://gtk-apps.org/CONTENT/content-files/126697-google.sh

chmod +x 126697-google.sh

Start googlecl GUI using the following command



Via Theubuntunews

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4 Comments to “Googlecl with GUI”

  1. Goh Mifune says:

    Do you mean chmod +x


  2. Sunng says:

    from gui to cli, then from cli back to gui again


  3. Jay says:

    ugh. gtk-apps is down once again :(


  4. Martin says:

    Why, oh why? GoogleCL is an interface to the Google APIs, so why use an interface to an interface to the API and not write a GUI for the API directly?


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