Googlecl with GUI

Allow you to manage your google account by using the google tools in cli with a GUI.
You can add this script to nautilus, just put it in your nautilus script path and don\'t forget to do chmod +c /path/to/the/script !

* Requires: zenity, googlecl, gdata-python-client (aka python-gdata) >= 1.3.0 (1.2.4 may work but some functions are not supported, see google documentation.)

To start the script must have installed GoogleCl here, then we start the terminal and write


chmod +x

Start googlecl GUI using the following command



Via Theubuntunews

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4 thoughts on “Googlecl with GUI

  1. Why, oh why? GoogleCL is an interface to the Google APIs, so why use an interface to an interface to the API and not write a GUI for the API directly?

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