GTalX – Google Voice Chat has arrived in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)

Ever since I moved to Ubuntu, my only problem was that I couldn't use GTalk in Ubuntu.Here comes the solution -- GTalx. It works flawlessly on my Ubuntu 9.10 karmic running on Dell Inspiron 1525.

gtalX is a Linux client for gtalk, the voip application of Google. It supports voice and text-based chat. Before you download it, please read the ‘How to install' paragraph below.

Step 1: Download and install the .deb file from

The way to use the deb file:

sudo dpkg -i gtalx_0.0.5_i386.deb

# or if you have 64 bit Ubuntu

sudo dpkg -i gtalx_0.0.5_amd64.deb

# you will get a dependency error after the above line so you'll need to execute this next

sudo apt-get -f install

To remove this package execute:

sudo apt-get remove gtalx

Step 2: Launch GTalx from Application > Internet > Gtalx

Step 3: Login using your gmail id, Click connect on your contacts name, then click "Call"!

Thank you GTalX!

Before trying Gtalx, I have attempted the following <FAILED> ways for Voice chat using my gmail id.

1) Pidgin -- No way!

2) Empathy -- I can hear, they can't hear me. Requires configuring server, port, ssl and god knows what. Am a newbie!

3) Gtalk in WinXP running on Virtual Box -- Yes, it works! But hey, I want to bid good bye to Windows forever.

4) Gtalk using Wine: Does not work.

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20 Responses

  1. eva says:

    Hi. You can use Gtalk with Pidgin and Empathy, all in Karmic. You don’t need another application.


  2. “Ever since I moved to Ubuntu, my only problem was that I couldn’t use GTalk in Ubuntu.”

    Couldn’t you just use the newest Pidgin? It supports Voice and Video on Google Talk now.

  3. Siddharth says:

    Latest pidgin allows voice as well as video chat for gmail accounts.

  4. dubairevived says:

    Pidgin and Empathy, requires some configuration, right? atleast the server address, port, force old ssl etc…

    gtalX works out of the box without any configuration on my granma’s comp πŸ™‚

    do post the configuration required for pidgin to allow gtalk voice chat for the benefit of all πŸ™‚

  5. Sam says:

    Whoa, it wants to remove 22 packages before installing… Think I’ll try configuring it in Pidgin ;’)

  6. Abhishek S. says:

    Yeah, even I miss GTalk in Ubuntu 9.10. It’s easy voice chat and file sharing features and its integration with GMail and Orkut (Google’s social networking website) are too good.

    I was surprised that a program as small and yet widely used as GTalk couldn’t work under WINE…
    *Sigh*…Will give GTalX a try though…

  7. ATOzTOA says:

    Empathy is kool…

  8. P?teris KriΕ‘j?nis says:

    dubairevived: no, Pidgin and Empathy don’t require ANYTHING. I chat trough video and audio already for some time. All plug and use, works out of box.

  9. kamerali sohbet says:


  10. Ed says:

    I use pidgin since I started using ubuntu (since 7.04) for gtalk. As for video it now works in pidgin, not sure how, because I just tried it, but it seemed fine.

  11. G Fernandes says:

    YAPTDTST (Yet Another Program That Does The Same Thing) eh? Only worse. Because Empathy does Voice AND Video over Google Talk. GTalx obviously doesn’t do Video. For that matter, Google’s own Google Talk doesn’t do video!

  12. 10 says:

    I’ve had numerous issues getting pidgin to work with audio/video. Constant crashes.

    I’m glad GTalx is here for the audio bit.

  13. nikonaum says:

    And most of you say you didn’t have problems with pidgin and empathy for voice chat, so well done. I did almost everything in the past to here some dissent audio out of empathy but it was way too crappy. I hadn’t tried pidgin, terrible localization (no spell check when one switches the keyboard layout, awful problem, I’m a terrible Cyrillic writer :)). And you are forgetting something πŸ˜‰ empathy does not support file transfer. I’ve not tried pidgin on that matter, maybe it can. I’m really happy now. ????????.

  14. Tapan Chugh says:

    The only advantage that appears is that you cannot share files over gtalk network if you are using different clients. So it might allow us to share files (I have not tried it yet)

  15. i just tested with empathy, and everything is ok! i didn`t know about this πŸ™‚ thanks! πŸ™‚

  16. x2p8k says:

    I am a newbie user and could never get pidgin and empathy to do voice chat. Tried Gtalx and it worked straight away. Thanks to Joszef for his good work.
    BTW the interface is terrible.

  17. Someone Special says:

    Pidgin and Empathy both work well. This statement:
    “Requires configuring server, port, ssl and god knows what. Am a newbie!” proves that you have no business posting on a site called “Ubuntu Geek” as you are clearly not a geek in any way! There’s nothing wrong with being a newbie, but you certainly should not be giving out bad advice!

  18. Arvind says:

    Now you dont need to be sad, google itself has released the plugin for linux πŸ™‚ at trust me the clarity and stuff is awesome…

  19. aniket says:

    hey can any one please help me….
    I have follwed the procedure…
    accordin to them it shows the dependencies problem first then we hv to give tht command…
    whn I do that it ask me:Y/N?
    so i enterd Y
    and then it proceds
    but at the end I cant see any Gtalx option in my;
    pease please please…!!!!!

  20. aniket says:

    please please please please please some one help me…..!!!!!!

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