How to Cut MP3 files under Ubuntu

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If you want to cut MP3 files under Ubuntu,follow this instructions first you need to install poc-streamer package.poc is a suite of MP3 tools and MP3 streaming programs. It can stream MP3s over HTTP, RTP multicast (RFC 2250 and RFC 3119) and a special multicast protocol to enable the use of Forward Error Correction to protect the MP3 stream against packet loss. It can also stream OGGs over HTTP. In addition to the streaming programs, poc contains two MP3 tools: mp3cue and mp3cut. mp3cue can cut a big MP3 file according to a tracklisting contained in a .cue file. mp3cut can split and concatenate MP3 files according to time slices given on the command line. mp3cut cuts MP3 files on ADU (autonomous data units) frames to ensure best quality.

Install poc streamer package using the following command

sudo apt-get install poc-streamer

This will complete the installation.

Using mp3cut

It contains a utility mp3cut

mp3cut Syntax

mp3cut [ -o outputfile ] [ -T title ] [ -A artist ] [ -N album-name ] [ -t [hh:]mm:ss[+ms]-[hh:]mm:ss[+ms] ] mp3file [[ -t … ] mp3file1 …]

mp3cut examples

The following examples cuts a 120 minute MP3 in 2 parts where the first file will be 70 min long

$ mp3cut -o output1.mp3 -t 00:00+000-01:10:00+000 input.mp3
Writing to output1.mp3
Extracting 00:00:00+000-01:10:00+000 from input.mp3
output1.mp3 written
$ mp3cut -o output2.mp3 -t 01:10:00+000 input.mp3
Writing to output2.mp3
Extracting 01:10:00+000-00:00:00+000 from input.mp3
output2.mp3 written

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7 Responses

  1. Joshua McGee says:

    I have no vested interest, but IMO mp3splt is strictly better. HTH.

  2. Slim says:

    Hi i have tried to use mp3cut but i always have problems. I have tried two mp3 files.

    Here is the message :

    home@slim-laptop:~$ sudo mp3cut -o 5out.mp3 -t 00:20:00-00:28:00 05.mp3
    Writing to 5out.mp3
    Extracting 00:20:00+000-00:28:00+000 from 05.mp3
    Broken frame, skipping…
    Max sync exceeded: 4002
    Error reading from 05.mp3: -2
    5out.mp3 written

  3. Slim says:

    I have used mp3splt-gtk and it works perfectly.


  4. kamal says:

    i use mp3splt-gtk but not perfect for split n now i use audacity i think he is more perfect

  5. Nikhil says:

    This works great for me. Very simple to use. Thanks for sharing!

  6. vignesh says:

    Thanks , works Awesome

  7. legends2k says:

    No clutter, no loss of clarity, just the straight dope. Thanks for this!

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