How to fix network manager applet missing from notification area in ubuntu 10.04


Hey i install ubuntu 10.04 this morning... A gud experience till that when i came to know that there in no nm (network-manager) applet in my panel as a result of which i m unable to connect to the wireless network.


Method 1

Open the terminal type "sudo edit /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf" change the "managed=false" to "managed=true" and then save it.

then in the terminal type "killall nm-system-settings"

and then reboot.

Method 2

right click panel>add to panel>Notification Area

Bug reported here

Source from here

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20 Responses

  1. David McHugh says:

    Sometimes my network applet is missing when I boot. If you type killall gnome-panel in the Run Application dialog (Alt-F2), the gnome panels close then reopen, all fixed!

  2. Snowman says:

    Use WICD instead. It works greater than the original network manager.

  3. Simon says:

    Thanks man, this really helped me a lot!

  4. CL says:

    Thank you! This sorted the problem for me with 10.10 64bit. Does anyone know what the reason is for the issue?

  5. Wayne says:

    WICD sucks big time since you can’t connect to cellular network with it. (It is possible but that’s about it..)

  6. Wayne says:

    I agree, WICD sucks since cellular network isn’t included. I have now been without a Network Manager for over month now, surfing the net for a solution, none has worked. Since connecting via cellular network is crucial to me, i have no other option than leaving Ubuntu, i even tried reinstalling but the problem reoccurred. Seriously, i must now conclude that Linux is a joke, in what other OS would the users accept this problem, i have so far been a big fan of Ubuntu and although there have been many problems and bugs i have read the forums, applied solutions and learned a lot on the way. But to encounter a problem as this crucial issue and realize that it is pretty much unsolvable is pretty much a shock for me, i guess this is the difference between a proprietary OS and open source; a proprietary system always has an owner behind it that more or less ensures that the problem is fixed, otherwise they are out of business. When it comes to Linsucks you are pretty much on your own after all “solutions” have failed, no one can be held accountable.

  7. satya says:

    thanks for help it was trouble situation for me

  8. Ali says:

    Many thanks. I need to connect to a VPN for work and without this applet it’s impossible (for me!).

    Method 1 didn’t work for LinuxMint 11 but Method 2 did. Hurrah!

  9. Paul Bundoc says:

    Thank you very much! This helped me a lot! 🙂

  10. John not Elton says:

    I have installed Kubuntu 11.10 on two desktops, one with a wired connection, the other with a wireless USB network card, which worked like a charm right after I installed it!

    On thing is odd: on both PCs, the network manager icon has disappeared, although the internet connection is and remains stable.

    My /etc/init/network-manager.conf is exactly like the example above. I have changed the /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf file as advised on this page, but that hasn’t made the network manager icon reappear.

    Suggestions, anyone? Thanks in advance!

  11. ale says:

    Method 2
    I am unable to find or do
    right click panel>

    Which screen I am able to do that or where can I find this option.

    If I right click on at the top right next to date and time it give me following four options
    -Remove from Panel (Grayed out)
    – Move (Grayed out)
    – Lock to panel (Grayed out)

  12. Matt says:

    My problem with this was that the Add to Panel had nothing including the word “network”, or even “net”. Apparently on Ubuntu 10.04 right now, if you make a new Panel, the network manager is only available by adding a “Notification Area”, which isn’t there in a new panel by default.

    Even after doing that with everything working, I still have no network anything in my Add to Panel list.

  13. sangeeta says:

    Thanks alot! You saved me 🙂

  14. Rafael Monteiro says:

    Thanks… it worked (except for the “killall nm-system-settings”, which I had to substitute for “killall nm-applet”)

  15. Vladimir says:

    1. find nm-applet in system monitor
    2. kill nm-applet
    3. Alt+F2 nm-applet
    4. it will run

  16. Mijo says:

    Thanks, that solved my problem. Also make sure to add notification area

  17. Rifaz says:

    I dont have write access so I cant save the file after editing it. Using the command line didnt work, maybe for the same reason, any way around for this?
    Or maybe, if you could tell me how I can get the “write access.”

  18. Nemo says:

    Method 2, did it.

  19. Nicolas says:

    It works very well (method 1), except for the “killall nm-system-settings”.
    I just replaced “sudo edit /etc…” by “sudo gedit /etc…”
    I tried method 2 before, with no effect.
    Thanks !

  20. Madesh C says:

    Thank you this is resolved my problem.

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