How to install docky from ubuntu ppa

Docky is a full fledged dock application that makes opening common applications and managing windows easier and quicker. Docky is fully integrated into the GNOME Desktop and features a no non-sense approach to configuration and usage. It just works.

Install docky in ubuntu Karmic/lucid

Run the following commands from your terminal

Add docky PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:docky-core/ppa

Update source list

sudo aptitude update

Install program

sudo aptitude install docky


For more details check here

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8 Responses

  1. Arthur says:

    I can’t use Docky. I am an avid google user, and have my google web based apps set up as application shortcuts in Google Chrome. And I use Google Chrome as my primary web browser. All my web based apps, even thou they are in separate windows with different icons, are all grouped together. Its very annoying. Other applications are treated the same way.

    This has been brought to the gnome-do developers, and they absolutely refuse to address the issue, even going out of their way to obnoxiously say “NOOOO” to bug requests. There needs to at least be some way to create exceptions or something.

  2. Vladimir says:

    Looks like you’re messing different things.
    There is a Docky frontend to the Gnome-Do and there is the Docky, which is yet another dock, like AWN, CairoDock, etc.

    Instructions in the text give the second, but the “more details” link in the end leads to the first.

  3. Satellite says:

    Is it possible to dock it to the right side of the screen? I mean vertically.

  4. jason says:

    i wish this was available to 8.04.x users 🙁

  5. Satellite says:

    And one more thing: is it possible to make it hide/slide away if not focused?

  6. Jackelope King says:

    Satellite: So far, no, there’s no way to get Docky (either in Gnome-Do form or in the standalone Docky form) to be positioned on the left or right sides of the screen, only top or bottom. But it does have an autohide feature.

  7. Vladimir says:

    Jackelope King:
    There is.

    Docky (standalone, not Gnome-Do’s frontend) can do so.

    Go to Docky settings and drag the dock to the desired screen edge.
    You can also find autohiding settings in the same configuration dialog.

  8. radox1912 says:

    until there’s a posibility to let Docky stayOnTopAtAllCosts, it’s useless for me

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