How to make Gnome menus Faster in Ubuntu

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If you want to make Gnome menus Faster in Ubuntu follow this procedure

You need to Edit the file /home/your_user_name/.gtkrc-2.0 file

$gedit /home/your_user_name/.gtkrc-2.0

add the following line

gtk-menu-popup-delay = 100


gtk-menu-popup-delay = 0

100 for 100 ms

0 for 0 ms

Save and exit the file.


echo "gtk-menu-popup-delay = 0" >> ~/.gtkrc-2.0

Now you need to Log off and log back in.

You can also try to get the icons cached in memory at startup

echo "find /usr/share/pixmaps/ | xargs cat > /dev/null" >> ~/mystart

echo "find /usr/share/icons/Human/ | xargs cat > /dev/null" >> ~/mystart

chmod +x ~/mystart

Then add it as startup to gnome (System -> Settings -> Sessions -> Add, and write "~/mystart")

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6 Responses

  1. shell says:

    why i can’t find .gtkrc-2.0 in my home ???

  2. admin says:

    from your home directory try to use the following command and check

    ls -al

  3. adben says:

    in hardy is .gtkrc-1.2-gnome2 …?

  4. uzisuicide says:

    create the file, if there no exist

  5. emeteo says:

    For not complain, it’s best use -type f on the find command.

  6. macat says:

    find /usr/share/pixmaps/ -type f | xargs cat > /dev/null

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