How to Move From Windows XP to Ubuntu?

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I am new to Ubuntu and was wondering if after I have all the files in Ubuntu that I want to import from windows if I can safely remove Windows completely.

I want all my music files (which I have) pictures (which I am working on) and Outlook Express address book and emails (still working on this).

It is nice to have Windows & Linux but I only need one operating system. Both systems are depleting my hard drive space.


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5 Responses

  1. For my clients I migrate to Thunderbird from Outlook Express.

    Install Thunderbird, launch it and you will be prompted for import information. The first launch wizard will import Outlook Express settings/email/addresses automatically.

    You can use the same Profile folder within a Ubuntu version of Thunderbird.

  2. Jeff says:

    Also you can use office software for free. Go to, they are very similar to M$ office and able to open their formats to these programs. They are free by the way.


    Au revoir

  3. bemmygail says:

    im new in ubuntu, and im wondering how to transfer my files like pictures and even applications such as the adobe, flash from my xp to my new os which is ubuntu.

  4. Arrigo Dirgantara says:

    you can use such as Wine(emulator)<<freeware
    or you can use crossover <<it’s not free

    this link to Wine:

    and this for x over:

    im already use Wine….
    but i failed to install my favourite software… Coreldraw x3

  5. Noah Diaz says:

    I am also new Ubuntu user.(Just only 4 days) I also wanted to transfer my music and photo files from Windows XP to Ubuntu 12.04.Wondering what to do I just opened “dash Home” on ubuntu 12.04 and typed “MY computer”. There came all my files on my computer on Windows XP.Music photos,texts,and ete.I dont know how but it happened.

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