How to Upgrade Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) to Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) Desktop

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This tutorial will explain How to Upgrade Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) to Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) released on the 29th  April 2010.

Important Notes Before Upgrade

  • Take a complete Back up all your data. There is no guarantee that all will go well.
  • Before upgrading it is recommended that you read the release notes for Ubuntu 10.04, which document caveats and workarounds for known issues in this version.
  • Be sure that you have all updates applied to Ubuntu 9.10 before you upgrade

Procedure to follow

To upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10 Start the Update Manager from System---> Administration---> Update Manager.

Update Manager should open up and tell you: New distribution release ‘10.04 LTS' is available.Here you need to click on Upgrade

This will show you Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) Release notes click on upgrade

Prompt for your password

Preparing to upgrade in progress

If you are using any third party sources in your /etc/apt/sources.list file it will be disabled at the time of upgrade process click close

Setting new software channels in progress

Now you should see simiar to the following screen with a note that support for some applications ended. Click Close

Starting the upgrade process window click on Start Upgrade

Downloading the new Packages in Progress

Installing Packages in Progress

Installing Packages Progress in Terminal

Now You might see similar to the following message here i had to check the checkbox because otherwise clicking the Forward button had no effect

Cleaning Up process in Progress

Remove obsolete packages window click on remove

You need to restart the system to complete the Upgrade by clicking “Restart Now”

Testing Your Upgrade

From Command Line

You can check the ubuntu version installed using the following command

sudo lsb_release -a

Output Looks like below

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19 Responses

  1. Thanks for the guide. I’ve pretty much decided for my desktop running the AMD64 version to just buy a new disk drive and get the CD and install. Then I just mount the old drive and copy the things I want back. Not that I mistrust the upgrade process. I just mistrust the upgrade process though 🙂

  2. david says:

    i upgraded my ubuntu machine to latest version and it will not not boot. it gets past grub and then shows booting msg, then monitor stops getting signal and it just sits there. any ideas?

  3. Ian Tindale says:

    That’s a feature.

  4. Leonel says:

    513 kb/s downloading new packages ? Wow, I wish I had that kind of connection.

  5. MinnesotaJon says:

    David — I had the same experience when I tried to use the upgrade process. I eventually just downloaded and burned an Ubuntu 10.04 ISO file (on another computer) and made a clean install.
    This is why it is CRUCIAL to back up all of your data files, including your e-mail data files. Also, if you’re using VirtualBox, you should back up the VirtualBox .vdi file (so you don’t have to re-install your virtual machines and the installed application programs). After you do a fresh Ubuntu install, and re-install VirtualBox, VirtualBox will let you select an existing .vdi file.
    Fortunately for me, I keep my OS and application program files on one hard drive, and I keep my data on a separate hard drive. That way, problems with the operating system do not endanger my data files. However, I did need to back up e-mail files and folders, since they’re in the same folder (and drive) as the e-mail program files.

  6. Peter says:

    If you are getting a “grub_puts_” error and can’t get past that message on boot, review the solution on the following website.

  7. RegBadger says:

    Does upgrading this way reinstall base applications that you may have deleted?

  8. CB says:

    Don’t bother! They’re basically forking gnome, and it sucks. Their new indicator applet is aweful, you dont left click to open close things from tray now, you left click once for a menu.. right clicking is gone. The Devs only have one-button mice now?

    Try XFCE or wait for gnome 3

  9. MinnesotaJon says:

    CB — Oddly enough, I have 2 PCs running 10.04, and both of them have now spontaneously changed back to the “upper right side” window controls — minimize/resize/close. I think it happened the first time that I changed the theme (System/Preferences/Appearance). To tell the truth, I don’t know exactly when the change happened — I just know that my window controls are back where they belong, and I didn’t consciously do anything!

  10. Cas says:

    A long article for something that went so smooth. I just waited a few days for any problems to be sorted out by the early adopters, and then hit the Upgrade button. Smooth sailing past that, just waiting for a lot of downloads.
    I’m not very fond of the new purple and black color scheme, especially the menu bar appears a bit ‘gothic’ to me. I’ll give it a chance of getting used to for the time being.
    Another surprise was the screen locking after 5 minutes or so of inactivity, I quickly found where to make that an hour. It’s bad enough that that happens at work, but at home I am the sole PC user and occupant of the house.
    A quick scan of a few websites and tools showed all multimedia (sound, video) still worked.

  11. Shige says:

    Upgrading is a bad idea. The resulted system is less stable, takes longer to boot, and suffers from various weird problems. I suggest everybody who is serious about using Ubuntu as their primary workstation do a clean install.

  12. johnsonld123 says:

    I did the upgrade and a clean install but after booting I always get No Video Signal. Any Ideas why this happens? I have not had any problems with any of the earlier versions or any other pc’s all the way to 9.10. Guess its back to 9.10. I just hate seeing that New Upgrade every time I update.(seems like its taunting me;(

  13. Jesiqua says:

    hello i am new to the Ubuntu software and I am trying to install 10.04. i have 9.10 but when i follow the steps you gave me it stop at step 2 and says that i dont have enough disc space to complete it. But i dont know how to get rid of anything. My Ubuntu computer has nothing on it personal wise. Its all standard. So what do i do. i you could help me it would be greatly apprieciated.

    thank you

  14. Mike says:

    I upgraded to Lucid 10.04 from Koala 9.10 and wished i had not. Koala was doing just fine and i was able to dual boot into Win XP. I was able to boot into Win XP about 4x then nothing. Ordered the Dx6i rc controller to use with the Phoenix flight sim 2.5 and now i can’t get into XP to try it out-
    Change for the sake of change may not be too good, even if it is Ubuntu-

  15. Neo says:

    I just upgrade 9 to 10 ubuntu and when I try to launch my joomla website, I have the error message (Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL).

    So somebody could you help me because I dont want loose my database and dont know how to do to sort out the problem. In terminal if I put /etc/init.d/mysql start, or restart I have no error message but if I write mysql -u root -password …. I have an error message like : The software “mysql” is found in this package : * mysql-client-core-5.1 * mysql-client-5.0 * mysql-cluster-client-5.1, try apt-get install…

    But I dont understand why i have already mysql installed before upgrade ubuntu 9 to 10… Please help need it …


  16. Gotlieb says:

    will upgrading to 10.04 remove my files like Songs and movies?

  17. Gordo says:

    For those who are having video problems with 10.04 the noveau opensource NVidia drivers appear to be the culprit, at least in my case. I have an odd video configuration with a Matrox Triplehead2go running three monitors. When I installed 10.04 all I got was a blank screen with a band of color along the top of the screen – fiddling resulted in no picture at all (resolution not supported). So, I just hooked up a single monitor, which worked fine, and changed to the proprietary Nvidia drivers, and all is fine now. So, if you have an Nvidia board and are having video problems, this might help.

  18. wth says:

    I had a nice system, a macbook a windows laptop, a win desktop(hardwired) and my ubuntu 9.04. EVerybody could communicate wih each other, I could print from anywhere(even my iphone) Then I tried to upgrade. First all I saw was HP drivers for printers. Then somehow I got my canon loaded, and my macbook could see it, but cups wouldnt woprk. BAckends, auth errors, so I upgraded the same day to Lynx. EVEN WORSE. The printers installed, but there was no sharing between hardwored desktops. IT SUCKED. Now Im formatting my HD..I have so much crap on here, you should see my sources…about ten sources, that say Jaunty, KArmic, disabled this and that. Whya are they there still? SO I am going back to Jaunty. Even tho I cant hardly use it anymore. Cant update anything. My experiment with Ubuntu will be over soon and I will have to install win(ugh) again. But what can I do? Inned to be able to print from these other machines. I read forums all day, and I am convinced that if you dont have HP printers you are screwed. I dont know. I have been with Ubuntu since 8.14? But it just aint user friendly, and if I cant figure it out..and I am not the cssual user.

  19. corei7 says:

    Greate guide all in it with pictures….

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