Howto enable WebGL on Firefox 4

WebGL is a Web-based Graphics Library. It extends the capability of the JavaScript programming language to allow it to generate interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser.

WebGL is a context of the canvas HTML element that provides a 3D computer graphics API without the use of plug-ins.


After recent installation of firefox 4 i am getting the following error message

This Browser does not support WebGL


First you need to install the following package

sudo apt-get install libosmesa6

After installing above package open your browser and type about:config address bar and search for webgl.osmesalib now you need to add string type as /usr/lib/

Finall restart your firefox

You can check if webgl is working or not go to and play 360° Video.

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13 thoughts on “Howto enable WebGL on Firefox 4

  1. i also set MOZ_GLX_IGNORE_BLACKLIST=1 cause im using intel graphic card and its i915 driver.

  2. Hmmm. Everything on that page, including 360 view, works for me out-of-box. I changed nothing.

    Ubuntu Maverick
    nvidia-current 270.29

  3. I made these changes on Ubuntu 10.04 with Firefox 4 and Skype video stopped working, as did Cheese and guvcview. Removal of libosmesa6 and reverting Firefox allowed them all to function again. So something strange going on here.

  4. I have made the change in config but i can’t download the webgl package. There is no any link.
    Webgl still not working.

  5. If you use mesa libraries you only get webgl with software acceleration. I have not checked for firefox 4 (I am using chrome). But if you have direct rendering support for opengl without the browser you should only need to enable a flag in about:config and not the mesa one.

  6. Why we need this setting if your graphic card already supporting hardware OpenGL rendering capabilities. If you dig from Synaptic on this package:

    Mesa Off-screen rendering extension

    OSmesa is a Mesa extension that allows programs to render to an
    off-screen buffer using the OpenGL API without having to create a
    rendering context on an X Server. It uses a pure software renderer.

    This package provides both 16-bit and 32-bit versions of the off-screen
    renderer which do not require external libraries to work.

    Canonical provides critical updates for libosmesa6 until April 2013.

  7. Strange I do not need that library to get webgl with native hardware support to work with chrome.

  8. Thank you very much! It worked for me.
    I am using Firefox 11, Ubuntu 11.04 and Gnome 2.32.

  9. imo the path should be “/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/”. Tested with ubuntu 12.04.

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