Howto install Line6-GuitarPort in ubuntu

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• MP3, WAV and Audio CD playback

• Loop and play half-speed without changing pitch

• 24-bit converters & 32-bit processing

• Line level and headphone outputs

• Ideal guitar front end for other recording applications

• Metronome for practicing

• Built-in chromatic tuner

• Includes preset tone library

• Macintosh® support! GuitarPort hardware supports Windows® and OS X – even the Intel® based Mac®

• GearBox 2.0 will be a FREE download for all current GuitarPort owners

• Bass Expansion Model Pack support

Open your Terminal from Applications> Accessories> Terminal run the following commands

Install subversion using the following command

$sudo apt-get install subversion

Download the source

$svn co

$cd line6linux/driver/trunk

First make sure you have the latest build and headers (you can check your kernel headers version using uname -r,You will atlest have version

$sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers

Now run the following commands to install


$ sudo make install

This will complete the installation

Now shutdown and restart with the guitar port (or toneport) connected and you should beable to see it in your System> Preferences> Sound

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7 Responses

  1. andy says:

    Why not use checkinstall as it creates a deb which installed and can be removed by synaptic

    checkinstall is easy

    apt-get install checkinstall

    then instead of make install

    sudo checkinstall make install

  2. JimC says:

    What?!? This blog is awesome!!! I hopped onto google to find a Windows-based alternative software solution for my recently purchased line6 pocketpod and this article was sitting at the top of my gReader headlines. Thanks for the post!

  3. this is incredible! i have been browsing for a really good ubuntu site, and this is by far the best out there.

    keep them coming!

  4. Arturo says:

    Excellent Job! Thank you. It worked like a charm on Ubuntu 10.10 (x64).

  5. Luis says:

    Hi, excellent job. I would like to try PCBSD and was wondering if my guitarport will work on it.

    Any help is appreciated.

  6. choloh says:

    Sorry, but I could’nt install following this instructions. Others were wrong too.
    So, just 5 seconds before see my linux-pc flying, I wrote in synaptic’s search “line6”, and that’s it!
    The only way.
    I just want to celebrate: I’m hearing Crash Test Dummies mmmm mmm mmm .
    Thanks anyway. A lot

  7. omicronkappa278 says:

    OK, I got it to work as well… Now what? What software do you use to play guitar on it?

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