HOWTO Make Ubuntu Look Like Windows Vista

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Download Vista font

Download Microsoft Segoe UI Font from here

Unzip the downloaded archive and place the two .ttf files in your .fonts directory.

You can find it in your user folder. /home/$USERNAME/.fonts/

For example: /home/ruchi/.fonts

If the directory .fonts does not exist, create it.

Download Aero-clone theme

Download the Aero-clone theme from or here

Install the Beryl and GTK theme as usual


Download the nuoveXT-aero iconset

Download the nuoveXT-aero iconset from here


Change the gnome-panel size to 32px height.For this you need to Right-click on the gnome panel (the taskbar at the top of the screen) select properties

Change the size to 32 and click on close

Vista start-button screenlet

Download and install "Desktop Screenlets" and you can download from here

Install the "orb" screenlet (The orb screenlet is included in the .tar.gz from or from here .Place the orb screenlet above the main-menu button and lock the position.

Vista Wallpapers

If you want to make the experience complete download some Vista wallpapers for your desktop.

Download vista wallpapers from here or here or here

Install cursor to aero-drop

Download aero-drop (Aero Mouse Cursor with Drop Shadow) from here

Extract the archive and move the folder to ~/.icons/ .

Go to System---> Preferences---> Appearance---> Theme---> Customize---> Pointer---> aero-drop---> Close---> Close.

Then, go to ccsm (if you don't have it install it with "sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager").

General Options---> Cursor theme---> aero-drop

Close ccsm.
That's it you are ready for vista look for your ubuntu desktop

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38 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Oh, and the icons link is broken…

    Click on it says “Page Not Found”.

  2. Matt says:

    AND the Desktop Screenlets link, too…

  3. thank you for your info

  4. Adam says:

    How do you install icons? sorry but I’m kind of new to ubuntu so..

    Well, thanks in advance!

  5. andy says:

    i downloaded the icons and all of them apart from the folder icon. Instead i get a grey icon that looks ugly. why dosen’t is work?

  6. Mesith says:

    Ohh.. I couldn’t dowonload the nuoveXT-aero icon set.because it want to rapid share premium account

  7. aslam doctor says:

    i am also facing the same Folder Icon problems as Andy says. Why it doesn’t work ?

  8. The problem is... says:

    …that the nuoveXT iconset is pretty old and Gnome’s recent versions can’t use it. There is a newer iconset called “nuoveXT 2”, from 2007, and one newer still called “nuoveXT 2 fixed”, from 2009 – that last one is the one you want.


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