Howto setup Juniper Network Connect VPN on Ubuntu 9.10

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You may not connect to your company private VPN via Juniper Network Connect. After You click on the [start] button of the Network Connect prompt on the Juniper Network VPN screen, You got the error message saying  "JRE is disabled or not installed".


1.  Install Sun Java runtime

2. Create a root password and give it to the Juniper setup program when it asks for it. You only need to do this on the first connect. Then ignore such request thereafter.

3. Restart the browser and start the Network Connect again. It should work.

1.Install Sun Java runtime

We have already discussed howto install JRE in ubuntu 9.10

2. Create a root password, by issuing the following command. You will be asked for your sudo password and then the new root password, as follows:

sudo passwd root
[sudo] password for <your-user-name-here>:
Enter new UNIX password: <root-password>
Retype new UNIX password: <root-password>
passwd: password updated successfully

3. Now run Firefox and open your Juniper Private Network page, locate the Network Connect section and click the [start] button. Then the followings happen:

-- The Java console opens.
-- The window opens. When this window then asks for the root/su password, give it the root password that you created earlier. It asks something like this:

Please enter root/su password: <root-password>

-- Now, close the Java console. You do not need it anymore.

-- Also, close the window, if it does not close by itself.

Now, the Network Connect windows opens. You can minimize it. But do not close it. You need to keep it open so that you can access your private network.

4. Now you can ssh to your private network and starting working.

ssh <your-private-domain>

5. After you are tired of working, log out of your private network and click on the [SignOut] button on the Network Connect window to close it.

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8 Responses

  1. Brett says:

    See also for some excellent notes on this topic, and for tips on getting Juniper working on 64-bit Ubuntu.

  2. qwerty says:

    Why Sun? Openjdk is free (under gnu gpl).

  3. Juniper User says:

    You can also run Google Chrome (I used as root, instead of creating a root user:

    sudo google-chrome

    Did not work when I tried it with Firefox 3.5.7

  4. toto says:

    Hi , whether i use chrome o firefox the terminal for the su password flashes to quickly for me to react and so i’m not able to finish the install … ( the window). Any idea on how to solve this ?


  5. Vik says:

    I can type in my root password but after that it connects and within a couple of seconds I get “session time out” window and my VPN becomes unusable 🙁
    Any solution for this?

  6. Archeleus says:

    @Vik: It is an OpenJDK issue. Uninstall it and install sun-java6.

  7. Dili says:

    I have the exact same issue. After I login, within a few seconds it states that my session has timed out. Dod you manage to find a solution for this.
    Regards Dili

  8. Boy says:

    Most of the posts on google say how to access VPN using juniper network connect. They assume every company would provide jar files required to setup juniper network connect.
    They say you go to your VPN site, it would by default install in your home directory you should now have “.juniper_networks”.

    At least not in my case, basically i am looking how to install juniper network connect on my ubuntu 11.10 machine. Rest things later how to connect. First i want to know how to get all necessary stuff to install “.juniper_networks” on my machine and from which site should i download?


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