Howto Silence Sony Vaio laptop fan Using Fansilencer

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Many people complain that Sony Vaio laptops are loud because of the fan. Fan is running almost all the time, which can be very annoying. This program works under Linux and requires SonyPI driver to work. This driver is preinstalled at least in Ubuntu distribution.

This program allows you to determine the maximum temperature. When temperature reaches this definied maximum the fan starts to run. It runs until the temperature is drop down to the level that user wants.

Program simply prevents fan from running until the predefined temperature limit has been exceeded. After this fan runs until the ‘low limit' has been reached. It is a very simple program indeed and shouldn't require any extra explonations. Below is a concole output of the Fansilencer.

Sony Vaio -- Fan silencer v0.1

Fan activates when temperature reaches given MAX TEMPERATURE and runs until temperature is dropped down to ACTIVE TEMPERATURE.


Note : As you can see, stopping the fan from working can be dangrous and harm your system!

You can download this program from here

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12 Responses

  1. paolo says:

    i have noticed that in each cycle of the while(true) the program sleep itself for 50000 microseconds and during this time the control of the fan return back to the ACPI module that try to increase the fan speed causing voltage fluctuation on the fan that can be damage it.

  2. maya says:

    i have problem with my fan my computer no 28420650 5005402 .

  3. Donna says:

    Hi, I installed ubuntu on my sony laptop. But I don’t know how to activate this driver? Could you please help and guide me how to install or makes this driver works. Please help

  4. David Green says:

    Hi there, I have added the program and run it, but I don’t know how to set the limits. Could you give me some information about this please? I need to set the max and active temperatures.


  5. Peter Rhone says:

    well I run this with:
    sudo fansilencer 70 45 &

    these settings seem ok, but I’m not sure if the limits are safe… what do you use?

  6. Peter Rhone says:

    actually 70 or 75 for the upper limit and 60 for the lower limit is better since the fan can’t cool the system to 45 degC

  7. Bobby says:

    Works great on my TX850P. I use 75/65 for my settings, and configured ubuntu’s CPU temperature applet to sound an alarm if it goes over 85. I’ve streamed movies for hours with no problems and no alarms.

    I always wondered why my MBP was quiet and hot but my vaio was loud and cool as a cucumber. 🙂 I might even push 80.

  8. Antony says:

    Thank you. I was ready to get a new computer just to get rid of the incessant noise. I’ve been running it with 60 as the high, and 50 as the low, and it works fine. Occasionally comes on for a few seconds or so but mostly quiet. Prior to installing fansilencer, it would be quiet when it first booted, but once the fan came on it rarely stopped, and was extremely irritating.

  9. Ruben says:

    You may want to take a look at vaiofand. It’s a lot more powerful and it’s been even packaged for Ubuntu.

  10. Dee says:

    will you please send me the software because the link seems to be dead and not working.

  11. Ruben says:

    @Dee: fansilencer has been discontinued, and it is no longer available for download. It has been superseded by vaiofand:

  12. karan says:

    wings of my laptop’s fan is totally destroyed……from where i can get the fan for my laptop at less cost……my model no is vaio vpccw15fg….

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