Howto Turn Off Auto-Play of CDs,DVDs and iPods in Ubuntu

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Ubuntu automatically starts playing audio or video discs when you insert them into CD/DVD drive.If you want to turnoff this use the following tip.

Go to System--->Preferences--->Removable Drives and Media

Once it Opens You should see the following screen

Now you need to click on Multimedia tab you can just uncheck the box for the disc type you don't want to autoplay

Once you unselect all the options you should see similar to the following screen now you need to click on close

If you are using Feisty by default this is unchecked.

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5 thoughts on “Howto Turn Off Auto-Play of CDs,DVDs and iPods in Ubuntu

  1. Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, Ubuntu, (like many other OS’s) has retooled their menu options since this article. I have 10.10, and I can’t turn off autoplay! It saddens me.
    Any idea how to do it in the new menu system?

  2. Scott pinned it, tyrant Google follower Ubuntu. Admitted bright spot it was, ego spasm took over milking cow, begin shoving garbage into user space. Won’t be too long another revolution take its shape. Remember Ubuntu, there are alternatives.

  3. It doesn’t work like that any more either, in 12.04 (precise). It’s under the gear menu, in System Settings. It’s the Gear icon titled “Details”, in the “System” section of “System Settings”. I’m so glad they made it as clear as possible 🙂

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