HUBackup – Backup application for Ubuntu Home Users

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HUBackup is short for Home User Backup System. As the name implies, this is a very simple, concise and easy to use backup application that uses the renowned and proven dar (Disk ARchive) to do the actual archiving. Emphasis has been on providing true and reliable progress indication throughout all operations, as well as the ability to cancel any operation at any given point. HUBackup mainly concerns with backing up your home folder data, allowing you to restore it in case of data loss.

Install hubackup in ubuntu

sudo aptitude install hubackup

This will complete the hubackup installation.

Backup Files

If you want to open hubackup goto System--->Administration--->Home User Backup

Once it opens you should see similar to the following screen

You need to select the Save Backup To Option

Once you selected the Save Backup To Option complete screen looks like below and click on backup

Backup is in progress

After completing the backup you can see two file as below

Restore Files

Restoring files from System--->Administration--->Home User Restore is not working for me i.e it is crashing for me in ubuntu gutsy so we need to use command line restore.

Home user backup application hubackup using the underlying archiver , DAR.

Usually after a typical run of hubackup you will have two resulting files


To restore , which actually usually means extract in DAR's language you need to do something like:

dar -x /home/backup/ruchi-master-archive -R TARGET_DIR

If there is more then one slice DAR knows how to switch between them properly.

For more options check DAR man page

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7 Responses

  1. Charlie says:

    Does not appear to support external USB drives. At least not mine. It shows -1gb of space and, of course, wont allow me to use it.

  2. David Armour says:

    I have HUBackup installed, it shows up in the System/Preferences menu, and yet nothing happens when I click on the menu.I have googled quite a bit now, and can’t seem to find anything that suggests what to do next.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

  3. Paul Valley says:

    this works great

  4. Joe N says:

    I too can not get it to save to an external USB hard drive. It recognizes the drive, but when I attempt to use it I get the following

    “It’s recommended that you verify the integrity of the newly created backup archive.Would you like to proceed with verification? (Make sure the first medium of the newlycreated backup archive is accessible or loaded in drive)” I click OK and get this message

    “The media does not seem to contain valid HUBackup data.
    Please make sure media #1 of your backup set is in drive and retry.(You can always use the “Verify” button independently)”

    It then takes me back to the HUbackup screen with “Perparing…” “Writing…” and “verifying…” but won’t let me do anything except cancel

  5. Ian Sinclair says:

    I had HUB onUbuntu 8.10, but after updating to 9.04 it has gone, and after reinstalling it there is no trace of it in System – Administration. I am looking for a good Home backup, as the update has caused so many problems.

  6. Chaanakya says:

    I really recommend rsync as a better backup system. It works with whatever drive you want to back up to – it just has to be mounted, which can be done before backing up in a script. The only problem is, it’s a command-line program. However, there are many tutorials for backing up Ubuntu using rsync. To give you an idea of what I’m doing, I’m backing up to a external drive connected to our home network. None of the so-called “backup solutions” would work, including HUBackup. Eventually, I just gave up and learned how to use rsync, and my backups have been pain-free since then.

  7. Chaanakya says:

    I have a thread at that discusses how to backup any folder you wish to a samba share using rsync, although it could really be applied to any mountable drive/folder.

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