Incompatibility with nVidia upstream driver installer in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS includes improved integration for nVidia binary driver packages. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of compatibility with the installer provided upstream on the nVidia website.

Users who wish to use the nVidia binary video drivers with 10.04 LTS should install them using the Ubuntu packages, as made available under System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers.

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12 Responses

  1. Jerad says:

    Noticed this after upgrading. Guess Nvidia will have to work on their installer to get it working.

  2. Matt says:

    This really sucks. Unfortunately even the latest driver available in Lucid’s “Hardware Drivers” menu doesn’t support my NVidia GT 240.

    Worse yet, the Nouveau driver doesn’t work very well with my card, either, leaving strange artifacts on screen during startup and locking up the X Server every now and then.

    All of this _could_ be fixed if I could just use the NVidia-provided installer… Guess I’ll have to wait it out!

  3. Nick says:

    What to do to revert back to the Ubuntu binary driver pack if you already have the nVidia upstream driver installed?

    I tried to revert back once on Ubuntu 9.10 and it failed. Never got the Ubuntu binary pack to work and had to go back to the nVidia packs.

  4. poltiser says:

    Nvidia GForce 9600 1GB -> no even once Live CD or install -> the only display I got was random puzzle of squares of my desktop and no reaction from the computer…
    On laptop with ATI -> no trouble…
    It is not an incompatibility problem, it is a major disaster… any ideas what I can do?

  5. Santiago says:

    I have not noticed any problems after I installed the drivers from the hardware drivers menu. I have a gts 250. Lucked out I guess.

  6. Andrey says:

    I’ve installed nvidia-current. Now `lsmod | grep nvidia` shows me that the nvidia module is loaded, everything is ok, except that i can’t turn on the composite and all those visual effects, that worked fine in karmic.

    GeForce 6600, upgraded to Lucid from Karmic.

  7. Ants says:

    and I now realise why I’m getting so many complete system crashes. This is so amateur, good one devs!

  8. Khera says:

    I blacklisted the nouveau drivers and installed the ‘nvidia-current’ from the repos…everything working fine except for a messed up Plymouth and no TTYs…hope the devs resolve these issues soon…

  9. Bas says:

    Just one working solution: revert yo Karmic!

  10. Andrey says:

    The problem solved, now i’m using native NVIDIA 195.36.24 driver. Here is what i’ve done:

  11. payet07 says:

    If the nvidia drivers don’t allow you to have special effects, just try this :
    blacklist nouveau
    blacklist lbm-nouveau the following file :
    .. then :
    update-initramfs -u .. in a terminal.
    Download & install normally the nvidia proprietary drivers. Restart the X server … and everything should be OK!
    This is the only thing that worked for me!
    Good luck.

  12. Koosha Zarei says:

    Thank you so much. It works!

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