Install Mplayer and Multimedia Codecs (libdvdcss2,w32codecs,w64codecs) in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

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MPlayer is a movie and animation player that supports a wide range of codecs and file formats, including MPEG 1/2/4,DivX 3/4/5, Windows Media 7/8/9, RealAudio/Video up to 9, Quicktime 5/6, and Vivo 1/2. It has many MX/SSE (2)/3Dnow(Ex) optimized native audio and video codecs, but allows using XAnim’s and RealPlayer’s binary codec plugins, and Win32 codec DLLs. It has basic VCD/DVD playback functionality, including DVD subtitles, but supports many text- based subtitle formats too. For video output, nearly every existing interface is supported. It’s also able to convert any supported files to raw/divx/mpeg4 AVI (pcm/mp3 audio), and even video grabbing from V4L devices.

Install Mplayer in Ubuntu Hardy Heron

You need to add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list file or you need to make sure you have enabled Universe and multiverse repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list file

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Make sure you have the following two lines save and exit your file

deb hardy universe multiverse
deb-src hardy universe multiverse

Now you need to run the following command to update the source list

sudo apt-get update

Install mplayer using the following command

sudo apt-get install mplayer

if you want to open mplayer just type



You can Open from Applications—>Sound&Video—> Mplayer Movie Player

Install libdvdcss2 and w32 video codecs in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

Support for WMV, RealMedia and other formats has been bundled into the w32codecs package. This package is not available from the Ubuntu repositories due to licensing and legal restrictions.

For Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Users run the following command

sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list

Then, add the GPG Key using the following commands

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring

sudo apt-get update

For i386 Users install Codecs using the following command

sudo apt-get install w32codecs libdvdcss2

For amd64 Users install Codecs using the following command

sudo apt-get install w64codecs libdvdcss2

Using above download locations you can install most of the mutimedia codecs for ubuntu.

Mplayer Plugin for Firefox

If you want to install Mplayer with plug-in for Mozilla Firefox run the following command

sudo apt-get install mozilla-mplayer

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25 Responses

  1. Peter Jones says:

    Seems to install fine, but when I try and play streams from the BBC Radio Player I get very loud distorted sound. Any ideas?

  2. Richard says:

    I get weird sounds when listening to BBC player too, using helix plugin. Have seen other people with the same problem, don’t think anyone’s fixed it yet.

  3. Richard says:


    Got BBC Plyer working by the following:

    sudo apt-get remove –purge totem-mozilla
    sudo apt-get install mozilla-mplayer

    then installing codecs as above:

    sudo apt-get install w32codecs libdvdcss2

  4. Bibliophile says:

    I haven’t been able to get BBC listen again files to play at all.

    I’m running Hardy Heron and am using Firefox. I double click on the usual ‘listen again’ button and a box appears giving me the option of opening the .ram file with any of my media players. I choose one, click ok and then nothing at all happens.

    I’ve done all the medibuntu malarkey in the terminal and installed the ubdates, but still nothing. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  5. Neerav says:

    thanks for the info i probably would nver have known about medibuntu and other software it offers acroread and google earth if it wasnt for you thanks!!!!

  6. dan says:

    Bibliophile: .ram is a proprietary RealPlayer format. I don’t know if it exists for linux or not? But realplayer is the only software that will open it, at least, that’s what I’ve found.

  7. Gabriwlw says:

    it seemed fine when i installed but when i play .avi stuff it only plays the sound. No images. what may i do?

  8. MARCIO GOMES says:

    Comprei um micro PC com sistema Ubuntu Linux, não consigo ler meus dvds que utilizava em outro micro com sistema Windows, pede codecs para abertura destes dvds. Como resolver???

  9. John says:

    Hey thanks for the info.! I got the same sound problem? what’s the exact solution?

  10. Rohit says:

    Hi, I am new to Ubuntu… And I must admit that, I really like Ubuntu. But I have a few problems with it.

    I installed Ubuntu on my system yesterday, and when I tried playing an mp3/audio , it showed that I need to instal some codecs.
    I have gone through this website, but i could not understand how to instal the codecs.
    Is it only through commands or do i need to download and instal a codec, as we do it in Windows XP?
    Can you please tell me how to go about this?

  11. admin says:


    This is simple and easy way you can install multimedia codecs.Try this procedure and let us know if you have any problem.

  12. Rohit says:

    Hi, Thanks for quick response. I tried installing vlc player ystrdy, but could not do it.

    Could you please tell, whether an internet connection is required for installing any softwares / applications in Ubuntu?
    If its not required, could you please tell me, how to instal vlc.. and also how to get the sound working on the Ubuntu?

    And also, I am using a broadband connection ( Reliance ), but I could not connect to the internet at all. Its a wired connection. COuld you please tell me, what are the steps to connect to the internet, and what changes should I make. I am in India, and use Reliance broadband connection.

    And also, I was playing around with Ubuntu, and finally I noticed that my ” shutdown” option is missing. I now have only 5 options ( lock,hibernate,standby,switch user and log off ) — Could you please tell me, how to get that option back?

  13. Dino Rubio says:

    i have sound but no video…..

  14. Magump says:

    Thanks! I recently had another automatic update and was unable to play my local radiostreamer radio station with Mplayer or Amarok. Although I have been a Ubuntu user for over two years, updates like this sometime throw me for a loop. Don’t know why the updates have to change other settings I have already had. Thanks for your instructions. They worked perfectly!

  15. Simone says:

    How do you make mplayer the default player? Totem is the current default. If I use
    sudo apt-get remove -–purge totem-mozilla
    sudo apt-get install mozilla-mplayer
    Do you think that will work?

  16. admin says:


    The above commands should work

  17. ucef says:

    I m exhausted!!
    unable to ply any avi movie, with any player: i tried Mplayer, VLC, Realplay, totem..
    i v followed all the steps above
    i also tried theses steps from 1 to 6 :

    i tried other i don’t even remember!!

    plz help thx

    ubuntu 8.04

  18. John Bonner says:

    Thanks for the advice on setting up Mediaplayer.
    I fully understand the ideals of not including or supporting Proprietary software. However, I know a lot of people who would like to abandon Windows or at least try Linux as a dual boot setup, but they would not have a clue how to add support for Realplayer or mplayer audio/video streaming in Firefox.

    Try these 2 sites: (Listen live OR their iPlayer)
    Also – Try their streaming news clips and radio.

    There’s no way a novice could understand how to install all these codecs. Please, Ubuntu, Fedora and other distros – you should include a HOWTO for this alone in order to attract new users.

  19. Erico Schuch says:

    Dear Sr. John Bonner

    The problem using proprietary codecs is exact this. For exemple, Microsoft does not allow the use of any codecs in othe system but Microsoft. More you use MS proprietary codecs, more you are tight to MS. What Mplayer does is to go undergroud laws so we cam play MS proprietary videos/audio with ower Linux machines.
    But why using Linux and get all this problem if using windows could resolve it? Becouse MS Windows Vista pack back here in Brazil is about 2 times the avarage month payment of my cowntry, and I prefer using hacked codecs to play MS video/audio than use a complete pirate operational system.

  20. ed neville says:

    Thanks for the snippets, this sort of information is always useful when you’re rebuilding a box.

  21. zigunawan says:

    thanks for share!

  22. D Allain says:

    sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list
    you migh also need to :
    sudo chmod go+r /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list
    otherwise adept_notifier will keep notify of “1 update available” only to tell you there are none available after downloading the package list

  23. Vicki Bhatt says:

    hey i m using ubuntu 8.04 and i want the codacs of media playrs so please provide me the link for direct download the codacs

  24. YOUNES says:


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