Install Multimedia codecs and VLC media player without internet connection (offline) in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

Here is the script (ubuntu restricted extras offline installer) written by along with most commonly used packages to make life easier for those who do not have internet connection or those who want to install multimedia codec and other useful packages offline. All the links listed below will direct to the rapidshare and other file hosting sites. Download the package, extract and read the read me file for further instructions.

Download ubuntu-restricted-extras for ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

First download link from here

Alternative download link from here

If anybody is only looking for multimedia playback then installing VLC will solve most of the problem. Here are some of the links to download VLC-offline-installer for various release. Installation is same as ubuntu-restricted-extras-offline-installer.

Download VLC media player for ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

First download link from here

Alternative download link from here

Credit goes here

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25 thoughts on “Install Multimedia codecs and VLC media player without internet connection (offline) in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

  1. why not simply create a download script from apt? (or synaptic? don’t remember…)
    it would work even for updates

  2. It indeed is a really nice solution. d(“,)
    Not everyone has enough internet connection to use that “apt” thing…
    And if we try to download the deb version, we should be ready having some trouble about downloading and installing the dependencies which aren’t in small numbers…

  3. i just installed ubuntu10.04 and found no audio/videos are running…..pls help me to install vlc media player as i am a totally new user

  4. I am not able to get vlc player from ubuntu software center even after connecting to internet
    can any1 help me……..

  5. why ubuntu is called as linux for humans..
    it is a big bunch of hassles without an internet connection for baseline users andonly good for advanced users.
    cononical should made ubuntu atleast new user can do basic things easily. why the developers include their own made codecs so that offline users who r new to ubuntu will not take back their feet from ubuntu..
    plz take it as advice.

  6. please keep me updated when the offline installer for ubuntu 11.10 comes out been lukin for it but the guys dont seem 2 have made it yet

  7. found a better workaround to the question i asked install restricted extras simply run a live session on a computer with an internet connection.Open software centre type in ubuntu restricted extras,select install,after installation is complete install additional softwares u may need,lastly install apton cd. Having downloaded all the above open apton cd and choose option create,all the packages will be saved as an iso image,save the iso to your flash drive for use on the offline machine.
    Mount the iso image image on your offline machine and copy the folder named packages to your home folder.To avoid having to reinstall ubuntu all over again remove the open jdk packages and their dependencies ie(remove everything with the word java).having removed java open the termina l and type the followin code

    cd packages

    hit the enter key
    next type the following code

    sudo dpkg -i *.deb

    enter your password and wait for the installation to finish and voila you wil have your ubuntu 11.10 playin mp3s and dvds.

  8. Ooops forgot to mention,include vlc and rhythmbox amongst the softwares yov download,the default banshee has a lot of issues and u wont be able to do much with it.The software centre in 11.10 no longer supports offline install of .deb packages so be sure to include gdebi package installer

  9. Tested the above offline installers of ubuntu-restricted-extras (and others) in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric) and they work 100%

  10. How can i run the in unix terminal. plz give the following offline steps that install vlc in ubantu 11.10.

  11. go to the folder and type the command


    if it is not executable then

    chmod u+x

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