Installing Popular Applications On Your Ubuntu Desktop With Automatix2

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Automatix is a graphical interface for automating the installation of the most commonly requested applications in Debian based Linux operating systems.

For Edgy Eft Users

Installing on Ubuntu 6.10,Kubuntu 6.10,Xubuntu 6.10 i386,amd64

Open terminal from Applications--->Accessories--->Terminal From terminal do the following enter each line and press enter

echo "deb edgy main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list


gpg --import key.gpg.asc

gpg --export --armor 521A9C7C | sudo apt-key add -

For Dapper Users

Installing on Ubuntu 6.06,Kubuntu 6.06,Xubuntu 6.06 i386,amd64

Open terminal from Applications--->Accessories--->Terminal From terminal do the following enter each line and press enter

echo "deb dapper main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list


gpg --import key.gpg.asc

gpg --export --armor 521A9C7C | sudo apt-key add -

Now you need to update your source list using the following command

sudo apt-get update

Install Automatix2 Using the following command

sudo apt-get install automatix2

This will complete the installation and now if you want to open the application you need to go to Applications--->System Tools--->Automatix you can see in the following screen

This will prompt for root password and enter your root password and click ok

Multimedia codecs information just click on yes

Automatix2 is loading

Automatix2 is Updating Source list

Now you should see the following screen this is having different softwares in different categories first one is "File Sharing" this contains the following applications

Azures -- Installs Azureus bittorrent client

Bittornado -- Bittorent Client

DCPP -- Linux DC++ client

Frostwire -- P2P file sharing client (GPL clone of Limewire)

aMule -- Latest version of a P2P file sharing client

"Internet" category includes the following applications

AMSN 0.95 -- MSN client with webcam support

Checkgmail -- A nifty gmail checker

Gaim 2.0 beta3 -- The latest version of a popular IM client compatible with YIM/MSN/AIM/Jabber etc

GFTP -- FTP client for GNOME with ssh capability

Gizmo Project -- VoIP phone

GnomePPP -- Graphical dialup connection tool (GNOME ONLY)

Google Earth -- Satellite Earth imagery application from Google

NDISWrapper -- A driver wrapper that allows you to use Windows driver for network cards

Network Manager -- A program and menu applet that allows you to easily change networks

Opera Browser -- Opera Web Browser

Skype -- A free Voice Over IP software

SUN JAVA 1.5 JRE -- Sun's version 1.5 JRE & The Firefox plugin

Swiftfox Browser -- optimized Firefox browser for your specific CPU

Swiftfox Plugins -- Java, Flash, Acrobat, Mplayer, MS fonts

Thunderbird 1.5 -- Email client

XChat -- a popular IRC client

Next one is "Miscellaneous" category this contains the following applications

Debian Menu -- Shows all installed applications on your system

Extra Fonts -- Additional fonts and msttcorefonts

Gdesklets -- eyecandy for Gnome

Nautilus Scripts -- Open Nautilus, and any file with gedit with a right click, as root (GNOME ONLY)

NVIDIA Driver -- Installs NVIDIA drivers on select NVIDIA cards

Slab -- Novell's "Slab" menu used in SLED 10

Next category is "Multimedia" this contains the following applications

AUD-DVD codecs -- NON-FREE Audio and DVD codecs) (Installation of this option is illegal in the United States of America

Avidemux -- Video Editing Tool

Democracy Player -- Internet TV platform

DVD Ripper -- DVD ripper

Flashplayer -- Adobe Flash Player for FF

Google Picasa -- Photo editing application from Google

Listen Media Manager -- Latest version of a new media manager and player for GNOME

Media Players -- Totem-xine, VLC and Beep Media Player (with docklet)

MPlayer & FF plugin -- MPlayer and Firefox 1.5 plugin

Multimedia Codecs -- Commonly needed audio and video codecs

Multimedia Editing -- Audio (Audacity) Video (Kino) and ID3 Tag (Easytag) editors

RealPlayer -- RealPlayer

Ripper and Tuner -- Streamripper (rips Internet radio streams) and Streamtuner (Internet radio client)

iLinux -- iLife Alternative (Banshee, F-Spot, Kino)

Next category is "Office" this contains the following applications

Acrobat Reader -- Adobe Acrobat Reader and plugin for Firefox 1.5

GnuCash -- Money management software for GNOME

OpenOffice Clipart -- clipart in OpenOffice

Next Category is "Utilities" this contains the following applications

Archiving Tools -- Additional archiving tools (rar, unrar, ace, and 7zip)

Backup and Restore -- A graphical backup and restore solution for Ubuntu (GNOME)

Beagle -- A Mono-based search program

Boot-up Manager -- Easy configuration of startup and shutdown scripts and services

Ctrl-Alt-Del -- This configures Ctrl-Alt-Del to Open Gnome System Monitor (GNOME ONLY)

Gnome Security Suite -- ClamAV Antivirus and firestarter Firewall

Gnomebaker -- The best GTK2 CD/DVD burning software

Liferea -- A RSS reader for GNOME

Programming Tools -- Anjuta (C/C++ IDE), Bluefish (HTML editor), Screem (web development), NVU (HTML editor)

SUN JAVA 1.5 JDK -- Sun's version 1.5 JDK (Most users DONT need this)

VMware Player -- Runs Virtual Operating Systems

Wine -- Installs Wine


Now we will see one example how to install VMware player using automatix first you need to tick the tick box option available next to VMware player application

Now if you want to start installation you need to click on start button available at the top panel

VMware player is installation in progress

VMware player End User agreement select ok and press enter

Accept VMware player license terms select yes and press enter

Uninstall applications Using Automatix

If you want to uninstall any application which you installed using automatix you need to click on uninstall tab select the application you want to uninstall and click on start button on top

Automatix2 Version details

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2 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    If you receive the following error: GPG error: edgy Release: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY CC919A31E23C5FC3

    Try the following:

    gpg –import automatix2.key
    gpg –export –armor E23C5FC3 | sudo apt-key add –
    sudo apt-get update


  2. PeterPiper says:

    I notice that enabling DVD support in Linux supposedly constitutes a “crime”.

    How else could I possibly view a DVD without downloading these codecs? I’m just getting Linux to do what any operating system is supposed to do these days.

    If the codec owners want money from Linux users then they should say so. Otherwise it’s hard to see how it constitutes a “crime” to use something that no one is requesting any fees for.

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