LatencyTOP – Measuring and Fixing Linux latency

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LatencyTOP is a Linux* tool for software developers (both kernel and userspace), aimed at identifying where in the system latency is happening, and what kind of operation/action is causing the latency to happen so that the code can be changed to avoid the worst latency hiccups.

There are many types and causes of latency. LatencyTOP focuses on the type of latency that causes skips in audio, stutters in your desktop experience or that overloads your server (while you have plenty of CPU power left).

LatencyTOP focuses on the cases where the applications want to run and execute useful code, but there's some resource that's not currently available (and the kernel then blocks the process). This is done both on a system level and on a per process level, so that you can see what's happening to the system, and which process is suffering and/or causing the delays

Note:- LatencyTOP needs a kernel that was built with the following two options and by defauly ubuntu intrepid kernel comes with this



Install LatencyTOP in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install latencytop

This will complete the installation.

Using LatencyTOP

If you want to run latencytop use the following command from your terminal

sudo latencytop

Once it opens you should see similar to the following screen

One more screenshot

If you want more information about latencytop use the folowing command from your terminal

man latencytop

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