Major Preferences menu changes in Pidgin 2.6.4

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This note is from Pidgin Developer

Recently I've been frustrated by the fact that we have a number of tickets open on Pidgin's Trac that deal with inadequacies in the preferences window. The biggest complaint is that in a number of configurations, the preferences window is too tall to fit on a screen. This has only recently become a problem with the advent of the so-called "netbook" with their nearly microscopic screens .

Pidgin 2.6.4 New Preferences menu screenshots










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4 Responses

  1. Dallas Wiebelhaus says:

    I understand the Pidgin dev’s frustration but I would like the extend a bit of gratitude to them for their hard work and most of us appreciate it very much.

    Changes look great , thanks for the heads up UbuntuGeek.

  2. glowndark says:

    wow, this is so very nice. Wish the gnome devs will copy this the whole system wide. just imagine, put some icons or images to go with, plus nice window theme, we’ll have a killer desktop original from gnome,

  3. looks nice, long live pidgin!

  4. My Pc Spot says:

    That’s great. I love pidgin so much.

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