Makagiga – Easy-to-use application for doing a variety of tasks

Makagiga is a free, easy-to-use, cross-platform application for doing a variety of tasks, such as text editing, todo listing, RSS reading, and simple image viewing. Plugins are used to implement its various capabilities. It can perform file import/export, backing up files, Internet searching (Google, Wikipedia), and more.


* To-do manager, Notepad
* RSS feed reader
* Widgets (calendar, sticky notes, etc.)
* Plugins (image viewer, Internet search, and more)
* Portable
* Versions for Linux, Windows, ...
* Document import/export
* It's free and open-source!

Install Makagiga in Ubuntu

Download .deb package from here .Now you need to install .deb package by double clicking on it or using the following command

sudo dpkg -i makagiga_3.8.3-1_all.deb


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