Make your windows 7 look like ubuntu 11.04 (Natty)

If you have windows 7 desktop and you want to look like ubuntu 11.04 use this theme.

Quote from the author

I have done my very best to stay true to the theme and keep it as authentic as possible by using the correct fonts and colors wherever I could. One obvious deviation would be the scrollbars. I "borrowed" the look from an earlier version because the v11.4 scrollbars don't really work well in a windows environment.

Download this theme from here


Click on the image to view full view

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12 Responses

  1. Dhanushka says:

    Windows 7 theme is tired for eyes,because it’s very light. But this ubuntu theme is great. Thanks a lot.

  2. StephenM says:

    I made my Window 7 look like Ubuntu when I bought my new laptop. Instructions are simple:
    1:Insert Ubuntu CD and
    2:Select “Use Entire Hard Disk”.

    See, how simple is that?

  3. John says:

    “I “borrowed” the look from an earlier version because the v11.4 scrollbars don’t really work well in a windows environment.”

    The 11.4 scrollbars don’t really work well in the 11.4 environment…
    I reverted mine back to the old scrollbars.

  4. STUFF LIVES says:

    this theme is fast
    it does not hangs or slows down pc

  5. MikeofEngland says:

    Just use the real Mcoy? Why have crappy windows when you can have Ubuntu?

  6. Adrian says:

    Due to a major bug with ubuntu 11.04’s NVIDIA video drivers, myself and a whole lot of other Ubuntu users will only get to see the 11.04 user interface if we use Windows 7 and skin it like this!

  7. haahaaah says:

    MikeofEngland @ lol bro, loooool

  8. This is really cool! =) But I think it’s almost as stupid as using a Mac theme on Windows or Linux.

  9. Manan says:

    How to install it?

  10. Manan says:

    Pls tell me the Steps……

  11. Will says:

    How do I install the theme, is there a program that i need to download? – Windows7

  12. Adam Schoenberger says:

    Why have crappy ubuntu when you can have Mac?

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