Miro – Internet TV for your Ubuntu Desktop

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Miro is a free application for channels of internet video (also known as ‘video podcasts and video rss). Miro is designed to be easy to use and to give you an elegant fullscreen viewing experience.

There are thousands of free internet video channels that you can watch. You'll be able to download all the videos that each channel offers and when new ones are released, Miro will grab them automatically.

Unlike tiny videos on websites like YouTube, Miro videos are usually very high quality and look great when watched full screen. Since Miro downloads videos completely before you watch, your videos will never skip or stutter while they are playing.

Install miro in Ubuntu hardy

You need to edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file using the following command

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Add the following line save and exit

For Hardy Users (amd64 and i386)

deb http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/pculture.org/miro/linux/repositories/ubuntu hardy/

For Gutsy Users (amd64 and i386)

deb http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/pculture.org/miro/linux/repositories/ubuntu gutsy/

Update the source list using the following comamnd

sudo apt-get update


Add the new repository. Open System->Administration->Software Sources->Third-Party Software. Click the Add button and paste in this repository:

For Hardy Users (amd64 and i386)

deb http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/pculture.org/miro/linux/repositories/ubuntu hardy/

For Gutsy Users (amd64 and i386)

deb http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/pculture.org/miro/linux/repositories/ubuntu gutsy/

Close Software Sources, and when prompted, choose to reload the repositories.

Install miro using the following command

sudo aptitude install miro

This will install all the required packages.

Using Miro

You need to open miro from Applications--->Sound & video--->Miro Internet TV

If you want to run miro when your computer starts up select here

select option if you want miro to look for video files on your computer

Once it opens you should be able to see similar to the following screen

To add new channel, go to Channels->Add channels

Miro Configuration

Go to Video->Options, this is where you can configure your Miro

Miro general options screen

You can set Miro to update your channel automatically by the hour or by the day

Limit the number of downloads and bittorrent settings

Here you can Select the folder that you want the videos to be stored

You can set the download files expiry date. Once the expiry date is due, Miro will automatically delete them from your hard disk. You can also limit the minimum free space that you want to use on your hard disk.

This is where you configure the playback option.The default video renderer is Xine. If you have any problems with default option Change the renderer to Gstreamer will solve the problem.

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12 Responses

  1. Frank Sayre says:

    I absolutely love Miro. Combined with an RSS torrent service (I don’t want to link to a specific site here, so just google “rss torrent tv” or something similar) I’ve found I rarely even watch regular cable anymore.

  2. Andreas says:

    Miro once worked fine with me but after some upgrade it became unusable. Recently I gve it a try again but it still breaks down, items become non-clickable and playback for video doesn’t work even though I played around ith the settings. It’s a great program but at this point for me only partly usable.

    Any suggestions how to use it are very welcome

  3. devnull says:

    i really like the idea. so i installed it and tried it out on dapper drake.

    1. the interface could be improved a lot. one mouse move and all of a sudden you are in a different menu and lost your video playback.

    2. playback with gstreamer was very poor.

    3. playback with xine kept on crashing miro all together.

    4. even after installing the required plugins for flash playback it couldt recognise the formats.

    5. so much great media out there on the internet to explore, so i will revisit this at some point, but by now.. it just didnt work..

  4. Frank Sayre says:

    Devnull: That’s interesting. I remember having some of the same problems in the past, and abandoning the program because of them. Under Ubuntu 8.04, however, things have worked allot better. My only problems are:

    1. Occasionally a video will not download. Instead Miro will download a couple KB non-video file and will show up as downloaded. My theory is that this is probably an rss error.
    2. Occasional lag when switching between channels and/or when starting a video
    3. Sometimes it seems that I need to restart Miro in order to get a full update of all the channels.

    These problems are annoying, but hardly deal breakers. What version are you using?

  5. Vasudevan says:

    I did everything as instructed. But I do not see MIRO TV when I click on sound & video.

  6. Mojah says:

    Vasudevan; you can go to: “Applications > Accessories > Terminal” and type “miro” (without quotes) to launch it.

    It didn’t appear in Sound & Video for me either, strangely enough.

  7. LinuxNtwrkng says:

    The menu system has to be restarted for it to appear in your applications menu. Either restart the computer, restart gdm, or type this into a terminal:

    sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart

    After that you’ll see the entry the author promised 🙂

  8. mizar says:

    The program is fair, but for me is too buggy. I tried various versions coming with ubuntu 7.04, 7.10 and 8.04 and still the same bugs, still the video integration with movie player is not working well (frequent freezes).

    Downloading is also a bad idea, and i haven’t found a way to stream the content. I found my disk full in few days, and without knowing the reason. The miro was downloading automatically new content of channels. Fortunately the latest version seems to have reduced this feature.

  9. Steven says:

    I first used Miro just after the name change (used to be democracy player), around version .9 or so. I really loved it at the time, but it just hasn’t been stable for me since around version 1.0. I don’t know why it worked so well for me before, but I keep trying every couple months and it just keeps crashing on me. I really love the idea (and would love Miro, and point everybody at know in its direction, if it was stable), but it’s just not usable.

  10. malangaman says:

    Using the above instructions somehow I corrupted something and had to re-install Hardy but once I re-installed Hardy I was able to install Miro through synaptic package manager easily in Hardy 8.04.1(system ->administration -> synaptic package manager. Search for Miro). I am very happy with it so far.

  11. Vgtech says:

    This is great!

  12. Keheliya says:

    I installed miro and using it heavily for news,entertainment and education in the internet.
    Here I have posted a collection of vodcasts I enjoyed in Miro

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