New ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) proposed themes

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Yin and Yang -- Dark and Bright ... My idea is that many peoples loves dark- or bright-themes ... or they like to switch sometimes, depending the wallpaper they use. The Theme is adjusted to the Humanity-Icons and pointed to be a simple EyeCandy-theme. The used engine is murrine.

Lucid X

Lucid X is a dark theme which uses glossy buttons and the murrine engine from git. The idea was to make a dark, modern and usable theme for Ubuntu.


A theme with very soft lines

Peaches and Cream

This is an alternate window decoration for the Kin GNOME theme.


Ubuntu derived theme with subtle gradients and lighter colors based on a loose interpretation of the new look of Ubuntu\'s Single Sign On. Metacity buttons based on the phenomenal Homosapien theme.

Elementary: Empathy

After deciding to switch to the new IM client of GNOME I started to develop a theme to integrate it into our elementary interface. I started working from vectors published by DanRabbit and, after little modification, I used the color scheme of elementary icons theme to adapt them to the interface. 24×24 icons are positioned in the upper panel, notification area, which is why I used the totally gray vettors. The colored icons 16×16 and 22×22 are used in the interface of the program, they include states (online, busy, away, etc) but also the action, if there is a new message, and applications, the two stars are been replaced. The theme is beautiful, and brings an air of innovation built a program with infinite potential, but still must grow.

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