New Ubuntu Installer Coming Soon

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Canonical is working hard these days to redesign the Ubuntu installer (also known as Ubiquity) into something a little more in tune with our times. We've already told you in our latest report on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) Alpha 4 that Ubiquity has now a "Quit" button during all the installation steps, so you can quit the installer at any time. Moreover, the time zone selection items have been changed a little to reflect the region/zone only, and not the city.

New Installer Demo

For more information about the content/paragraphs that will be displayed during a normal Ubuntu installation, please check here and here.

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5 Responses

  1. Arvigeus says:

    Too candy! This better be added after installation process (Ubuntu Tour).

  2. Meh. That’s actually what I liked about Ubuntu, compared to Windows XP, that the installer doesn’t BS me, but simply deals with installation.

  3. Ramzy says:

    i respect your point of view; but i think that Ubuntu Developers had new users in mind.
    For new comers….they would feel ok to see what their new operating system can offer them.

    but the real problem is that This introduction is going to pass fast…cause Ubuntu installs fast…specially on recent hardware 🙂

    Actually, i see good future for Ubuntu. It manages to balance everything that linux can offer.

  4. Jason says:

    I’m glad mostly to see that the time zone selection isn’t based on city anymore. I never could figure out why someone would do that anyway, it makes no sense to me. I’ll be glad to just be able to select my timezone without having to figure out which city it corresponds to.

  5. muesli says:

    i think this new feature is great, but there should be a page added that deals with the philosophy behind ubuntu.. e.g. the meaning of the word ubuntu etc.


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