Nice Brown and Black Splash,Login Screens for Karmic

Today i have just updated my ubuntu karmic beta desktop and i saw these lovely screens.I just want to share with you guys

Black and Brown Splash


Login Screen


Once you click on your username you should see similar to the following screen


After logging in desktop screen(Default Wallpaper changed)


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14 thoughts on “Nice Brown and Black Splash,Login Screens for Karmic

  1. I do not know if your joking, but this, in my opinion, is a step backwards. Ubuntu 9.04 boot up screens are much better. This is not lovely it is ugly!


  2. I disagree I think this is cool. The only thing that I can say 9.04 had in booting is the linear and slimdowned loading bar during the bootsplash. Though, the GDM login screen sucked. The one in 9.10 is 10 times better than anything I’ve seen previously. It looks highly professional and works great.


  3. Nice. I’m curious , if anyone can tell me if this will also be what we see in Netbook Remix.

    Does anyone know ?


  4. I really like the new Ubuntu-Look! Not only the Login-Screen but also the original Desktop-Wallpaper. Much better than all that brown of the last versions…


  5. We went from a really sexy login screen in 9.04 to a super ugly one in 9.10. I wonder how can I get my old login screen back? There are too few options in GDM config tool.


  6. Would like to have 9.04-like features too.
    I really miss the simple, bling-free progress bar and the keyboard-only login.
    Showing the available user names is a security issue too!


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