Omnibar – Firefox Add-on

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Omnibar Integrates Location bar and Search bar into one. Search directly using location bar. Quickly switch engines using search engine keywords. Supports searching multiple search engines for same query using advanced operator

One can search from location bar using search engine keywords. When using keywords, the location bar displays the intended search engine name to be searched with. fe,

y [your search query]

Suggestions are shown for search queries as well as popular urls (suggestions provided is using Google).

Provides more compact styles for autocomplete popup.

Advanced search operator can be used to dynamically select your search engine. fe,

@engine1,engine2 [your search query]

or, if you prefer to give engine name at the end:
[your search query] @engine1,engine2


@google , yahoo [your search query]
[your search query]@google , yahoo

or using shorthand,

[your search query]@g, ama
@g, ama [your search query]

Search engine keywords can be used with or without the operator. For example, if "e1" is a key word "engine1", then one can search Yahoo and engine1 with:

@y,e1 [your search query]

File path completions are shown with simple wildcard support. e.g. on Windows "c:\Doc*\*\App" should list the contents of "c:\Documents and Settings\[usernames]\Application Data"

Also provides different styles (slimmer) for auto-complete popup.

Problems, bugs and requests:

If you find problems and bugs or feature requests discuss at the discussion board or email me.


Some intranet domains name need to be prefixed with http: or should end with /. If you need to get back the original behavior, disable the "default search" option from Omnibar preferences.

Download Omnibar from here

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