PayPal support lands on the Ubuntu Software Centre

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Support for PayPal as an additional payment option has landed today in Ubuntu Pay, the service that handles electronic payment for commercial apps in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

This new feature will enable Ubuntu users to comfortably and safely buy commercial apps, ebooks and magazines from the Software Centre with their PayPal account. PayPal will be an additional payment option along with the already supported credit and debit card alternatives, “a frequently-requested option by users who don’t have credit/debit cards or who get charged conversion fees by their bank for non-local currency transactions“, adds Stuart Metcalfe, Canonical ISD manager.

All in all, a much welcomed feature that will contribute reinforcing the virtuous circle of the Ubuntu apps ecosystem with an easier purchasing process, more profits for app authors and increased attractiveness of Ubuntu as a target platform for app developers.

Via Ubuntu App Developer Blog

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