Pdfcube – PDF document viewer with 3D effects

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PDF Cube is a fast and light PDF viewer with some nice features and effects.

It uses Poppler and OpenGL APIs to add 3D spinning cube page transitions to PDF documents.

It adds some eye-candy and smooth transitions to PDF presentations (specially Latex, Beamer or Prosper presentations).

Rotating 3D cube transition is of great effect when put on a big projection screen, so be moderate! One or two cube transitions done when changing argument can help understanding that you are switching to a new part of the presentation. On the other hand using cube transition on every page can give seasickness to your audience ;).

The main focus of PDFCube is on quality of the animation (given some supported DRI hardware), speed and reliability.

Install pdfcube in ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install pdfcube


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