Portable Ubuntu – Ubuntu system running as a Windows application

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Portable Ubuntu for Windows is a Ubuntu system running as a Windows application.This system is built with the Colinux Kernel, Xming X server and Pulseaudio server for Windows.Portable Ubuntu for Windows is a useful tool when you need to move yourself to other machine that have Windows as operating system.Portable Ubuntu is a stand-alone package that runs a fairly standard (i.e. orange-colored, GNOME-based) version of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution. It just doesn't bother creating its own desktop, and puts all its.

Install Portable Ubuntu in windows PC

First you need to download latest version from here after downloading you can see the following details

File name:- Portable_Ubuntu.exe

File Size :- 438 MB (At the time of writing)

Project home page :-  http://portableubuntu.sourceforge.net

After completing your download double-click to unpack it to a folder. On Vista or Windows 7, you'll have to open your command
prompt as an administrator,For windows XP users you just launch a command prompt. Head to the folder where you extracted your Portable Ubuntu, and enter run_portable_ubuntu and hit Enter to launch the .bat script.

Portable Ubuntu Screenshots

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29 Responses

  1. Locke says:


  2. Austin Kim says:

    well, I love the idea but does not work on 64bit windows 7.


  3. Brett Howard says:

    Interesting… Thanks!

  4. Heather says:

    Doesn’t work at all on 32bit Vista Home Premium no matter what I do, and I’m thoroughly devastated because I am dog-tired of dual boot.

  5. Gil.M says:

    what is the default root/administrator password ?

  6. Gil.M says:

    the password is 123456 just found it 😉

  7. JP Pugliese says:

    Interesting but what is the purpose?

  8. Brett says:

    So I just tried things out… Its kinda unfortunate that its 8.04… Also make sure you change the repository source cause it defaults to argentina. Also its kinda interesting that all the config files are commented in Spanish… But being that the default repo is in Argentina that makes sense.

    Anyway it would be nice if the thing was newer and Nautilus supported tabbed browsing but you can’t pop up an see any of the windows file system so thats not all that useful.

    Then finally most of the apps that I’d be using at work I just install natively in Windows.
    Gvim – writing HDL code and what not
    GIMP – editing pictures (although it does add the ability for me to use mogrify (but I have to move files between the worlds))
    OO.o – Editing of office stuff when I don’t feel like using MS Office.

    I guess maybe I could use it for evolution but… meh its not that fast…

  9. Brett says:

    I should also say the same thing holds true for all the gnome apps…


    whatever you want they usually have a windows port too….

  10. Will says:

    Does this include things outside of the gnome-stuffs, like the terminal and gcc?

    I’m currently using cygwin, but cygwin doesn’t support valgrind…

  11. Gord J says:


    Give VirtualBox a try. I’m currently running Fedora 10 as a virtual machine under Vista Home Premium and it runs great. Will be running Ubuntu 9.04 as soon as the final release is out.

    I’ve also run Windows XP under VMware on a Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop machine.

  12. steghiir says:

    Doesn’t work with a 32-bit Vista. It says its missing trayrun.exe

  13. chowski says:


    To see your Windows file system go to /mnt/C

  14. rj says:

    to run on (32-bit) Vista:
    add 2 lines to portable_ubuntu.bat:
    cd “[location where you extracted portableubuntu]” (including the quotationmarks because of possible spaces in the path

    and run portable_ubuntu.bat with administratorrights.

  15. John (munruben) says:

    I have downloaded both the Portable ubuntu Dos 4 and the lite Ubuntu dos 2 and both downloads do not include any “run_portable_ubuntu_Dos” file or anything that even resembles it so the instructions here are useless. I have tried all ways I can think of to install the software and no success because there just isnt a run file. I have tried to find out how to install it from other places on the net and they all say the same, there is a run file but there isn’t. Is there anyone who knows what they are talking about and knows how to actually install the software.

  16. lettlurt says:

    Same for me, I have also download the Portable Ubuntu and there is no “run_portable_ubuntu_Dos” file and no instructions on their page how to install!

  17. glavin says:


    Extract the Zip file. Run pubuntu.exe from extracted Portable_Ubuntu_DOS folder.


  18. steve says:


    I tried to run pubuntu.exe and it just freezes. could this be my firewall or is something else up?

  19. Andrew says:

    I have Windows 7 64 bit, and am trying to run Portable Ubuntu Tres. It does not run, it just hangs with a permanent splash screen that says “Portable Ubuntu Remix” in the center of my display when pubuntu.exe is started.

    Running as administrator does not change this behavior.

  20. 2P says:

    What is the super user password when using terminal?

    when i type for “su”, it asks for a passwork.
    And thinking that given password would work then
    i type 123456 and it ssys Authentication Failure…

  21. David says:

    @Andrew : got same problem as you using Windows 7 Pro (fr).

  22. uma says:

    Hi, I just down loaded Portable Ubuntu from sourceforge.net, looks like they only have xming for Portable Ubuntu in the down loaded zip file. I do not find Portable_Ubuntu_DOS folder after the extraction of what is down loaded from source forge. Appreciate any help

  23. Aditya says:


    I just downloaded the file from sourceforge and it looks like a file from Xming, which if something like portable_ubuntu_remix. This file is of 34.4 mb size and when extracted it becomes of 60 MB, it contains to .bat file. and when I run the portable_ubuntu.exe it gives me an error for invalid config file. Please suggest what is wrong and what file to use.

    I am using windows 7 64 bit.


  24. Robo says:

    Hi. The asme problem. “No valid configuration file” error message when I start pubuntu_Xming.exe.
    I am very sad. 🙁

  25. NikD says:

    @uma @Adiyta @Robo
    The Xming is a GUI file [I believe]. To get the actual Ubuntu files follow directions:
    1. Click the “PortableUbuntu” folder link below the “Looking for latest version” link.
    2. You will be taken to three more folders, each corresponding to a different build/version: Uno, Dos, and Tres.
    3. Pick your build, click the folder.
    4. Download the file type you want [exe, 7z]. There are lite versions of some of the builds. You want the file that is between 400 and 600 MB, depending on version.
    5. Extract.

  26. Sean says:

    I’ve also been finding the problem with 64-bit Windows 7 whereby only a perpetual splash-screen is displayed. I have tried running the latest of the UNO, DOS, and TRES builds. Hopefully they’ll come out with a fix.

  27. David says:

    @Sean : the problem is not Portable Ubuntu, but that coLinux (the linux kernel for Windows), see here:

    Q27. Does coLinux work under 64-bit WindowsEdit
    The answer is: No.
    It’s being worked on but there appears to be a fair bit of work to do yet.
    You can’t find an x64 version of ‘linux.sys’, because lots of code needs to review.
    Sorry to dissapoint, when it’s ready coLinux will really be able to benefit from systems with > 4Gb RAM.

  28. Simon says:

    You can use a Windows workstation as a workstation, as well as run server apps on it, compared to the windows version of those apps, it will consume less resources, and you can happily manage both environments at the same time, instead of having to set up another box. Works pretty well in a small business environment.

  29. Mayur says:

    Very useful article.

    Thank you
    Mayur Shah

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